5 Male Grooming Lifehacks

We know. Your precious time is limited. You don't want to dilly-dally around worrying about petty things like how well you look. So, in this quick and dirty post we want share eight of the best male grooming life-hacks that we know.


Grooming Tip #1 - Oral Hygiene

Face it, even if you step out of a brand spanking new Lamborghini Gallardo decked out in a high-end tailored suit, if your breath stinks people are going to recoil.

Bad breath is right up there as the king of 'things-that-just-don't-want-to-have'.

So here is a pro-tip. Lick your wrist, let it dry and then take a whiff. If you repulse in agony, you've either got to carry more Tic-Tacs, or brush your teeth more often, or (probably) do both. You might also want to consider investing in a good tongue scraper. Yes, they work.

And no, nobody wants to see all that gunk on your tongue that has built up over the last ten, twenty, fifty years...

Grooming Tip #2 - Shave in the Shower

shower head

This tip alone will probably reduce your shaving time by a good twenty or thirty minutes per week, as well as reduce nicks and cuts around your face and neck.

One of the problems most men have when they shave is that they a) do not use a good razor and b) do not adequately warm-up their skin before shaving.

Shaving in the shower at least takes care of the latter.

The big benefit to this is that since you are already in the shower, your facial pores will already be opened up from all the steam, which gives you a much smoother shaving experience.

Of course, unless you shave 'by feel' or enjoy trying to figure out what part you are looking at in the shower-door reflection, you might want to pick up a cheap bathroom mirror you can mount somewhere.

Grooming Tip #3 - Put Toilet Paper Into the Toilet Before...

Your toilet is a cesspit of swarming bacteria. You want it as far away from your nether regions as humanly possible.

The next time you need to sit down and read an almanac on the toilet, put some toilet paper gently on the surface of the water. Just do this. You'll like it.

Grooming Tip #4 - Step Onto a Clean Towel After Showering

fresh towel male grooming

This one might not be so intuitive, but let's explain. Smelly feet often come from different types of bacteria.

Now, you might be already washing your feet (which you should continue to do), but if you are doing this the wrong way you are basically shooting (or 'smelling') yourself in the foot.

Most men will remove their clothes and then step into the shower.

After having washed themselves they will then step out onto the same floor (or mat) that their previously dirty, stinky feet was just on.

Congratulations, you have just got that same dirty, disgusting latched right back onto your feet.

Keep a clean towel hanging somewhere around your shower that you can put onto the floor and use immediately before stepping out of the shower.

Use this only for your feet. After you step out onto it, wait for your feet to dry (or use a different towel) and then put on a pair of fresh, clean socks.

Grooming Tip #5 - Trim Your Nails after you shower

Here at Manscipated we like to preach efficiency.

Now, when that comes to male grooming habits that means that it's better to batch; to get as many things done at one time as possible.

Moreover, with some of these things it might be better to do them in a certain order, ala shaving (after or during showering).

Which brings us to the last pro-tip of the day, cutting your nails and cuticles after you shower. After you shower, your skin will be nice and soft, which is an ideal time to use your nail trimmers.

This will often help prevent bad cuts, and generally make the whole process easy. Generally speaking, it might also be a good idea to file them a bit. You don't need to go ham here, just use a file and get around the edges. Shouldn't take more than a minute or so.

People look at your fingernails. Check out our article on the proper way to cut your fingernails.





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