Back Waxing Tips

Tired of looking like Chewbacca back there?

Already decided that you want change, and that change entails taking down that rug on your back down a notch (or seven)?

Good.Here a few short, quick tips to ensure that your back waxing experience is as pleasant as it could (relatively) be!

Tip #1 Go to a Salon, Dummy

Believe us, nobody really cares that you are going to a salon.

No, it's not effeminate and no, nobody is going to laugh at you.

In fact, you will probably earn praise or at least admiration simply because you are putting in the work to take care of yourself, opinions of others be damned.

Yes, going to a salon is more expensive than staying at home and doing it with the help of a loved one, but it's also the most efficient and pleasant way of getting it done.

Aestheticians do this sort of thing all day. They know what to do. They are 1,000 times less likely to screw up, and cause all sorts of untold pain.

Tip #2 Exfoliate Before

back hair
Back waxing can be painful.

It can also be more painful if your pores are clogged, as this can lead to ingrown hairs, and the strips missing hairs and needing to be re-applied.

The night before you are scheduled in for a wax session, take an extra long hot shower and really exfoliate your back well.

This not only leaves your skin feeling clean (and actually being clean!), but it will also make the waxing experience that much easier and less painful.

When it comes to time to wax, rubbing a warm cloth over your back prior to applying wax will make your hair follicles easier to be pulled out.

Tip #3 Get Your Mind Off the Experience

Pouring hot wax over your body, waiting for it to bind to your hair follicles and then violently ripping those hair follicles right out of their roots is not usually the most pleasant experience in the world.

For some people, their back skin is quite sensitive and the experience will be even more painful.

When it comes to buck-up, make sure some music is playing, or try watching a good television show (if someone else is helping you).

This will help get your mind off it, help you relax and generally make the process quite a bit more tolerable.

Tip #4 Avoid the Sun and Hot Showers After the Fact

You've got a nice, clean, smooth back that you proudly want to share with the world.

So, time to hit the beach right after, eh?

Hold your horses, champ.

Avoid direct sunlight or UV exposure at least 24 to 72 hours immediately after waxing.

Your skin is going to be extra sensitive right after waxing and you can cause yourself more damage than need be. You should also try to avoid hot showers, saunas and swimming for the same period of time, to reduce skin irritation.

The experience of back waxing gives men all over the world pause to shudder and quiver, but it doesn't have to be that way. Follow these back waxing tips and you won't be quaking in your boots (or Nikes). Besides, if women can do it, why can't you?

While we are at it, if you are waxing your back, you might as well get the whole job done downstairs as well.

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