Balla Powder For Men is a very popular, very highly-rated fine Italian talc. 


Balla Talc Powder

balla powder for men review

If it's the best that you are looking for, check out Balla. This fine Italian talc feels great, smells great and is simply the best at keeping your dry

Consumer Rating

Balla is one of the most popular luxury talcs on the market today.

It's also specifically designed to keep your boys dry, and as comfortable, for as long as possible.

Balla Powder for Men touts itself as sort of a 'step-up' in talcum powder. On it's product page, it cites the following as benefits:

  • the finest silky-smooth Italian talc
  • asbestos, paraben, alcohol and aluminum-free
  • battles chafing, clammy skin and body odor
  • created for elite athletes and average Joe's alike
  • all natural product with no animal testing
  • comes in two fragrances and one scent-free

Pros vs. Cons



Extremely long lasting


Three different types (original, fragrance-free, tingle)

Smaller size

Very silky, fine feel in your hand when applied

What Does It Smell Like?

Balla Powder comes in three types:

  • Original 
  • Tingle Formula
  • Fragrance-Free

The original formula is made up of fine Italian talc, zinc oxide, zinc stearate and a musky, oak-like fragrance, whereas the Fragrance-Free has all of the above, but without the fragrance.

The Tingle formula has in it fine Italian talc, zinc oxide and stearate, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and a musky but citrus-like (lemongrass and mint) smell.

In terms of scent, the original formula is a bit more 'manly', mainly due to the Tingle Formula's more 'citrus-like' smell.

How Long Does It Last?

balla talc powder main

One of Balla's huge advantages over other talcs is its super longevity.

Balla Powder for Men will keep you dry for a very long time.

This is perfect for:

  • men who work long hours or shifts
  • athletes
  • men who are working in hotter, more humid climates
  • Bullet Point 2

A talc simply doesn't work if it doesn't do a good job of soaking up moisture and keeping sweat (and its accompanying smells) at bay.

Balla works very good here. In most instances, you will only need to apply Balla once a day, which should be sufficient to last the entire day (even in very hot climates and environments).

Balla gets above-average marks for keeping keeping things dry without overly drying everything out.


Talc-Free Premium

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  • Pumpkin, hops, aloe and oatmeal
  • Has best applicator tip on the market
  • Masculine scent
  • Great reviews


Fine Italian Talc

balla powder for men review
  • 3 different varieties
  • Specially designed for men
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Very high review ratings


Friction-Free Formula

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  • Lavender & green tea scent
  • Friction-free formula great for athletes
  • Precise applicator tip

How The Talc Feels & How To Apply It

balla powder for men review

Although the three types of Balla are primarily made with fine Italian talc, they all don't feel and look the same.

  • Original - Feels a bit more silky and is silver in color
  • Tingle - Has a 'tingly' feel when touched and is gold in color
  • Fragrance-Free - Has the driest feel when touched and is white in color

That 'tingly' feel that the Tingle Formula gives is mainly due to its aromatic oils.

Of all three types, the original feel definitely feels the 'silkiest' in your hand (and when applied), whereas the Fragrance-Free feels the driest (this might be due to the fragrance added to the original formula).

The Tingle Formula on the other hand, has a very unique feeling when applied. It almost feels like it gives off a bit of 'warmth', but without inducing moisture or sweat. The best way to describe it would be somewhat akin to a 'fresh out of a hot shower' feel.

The Original, Fragrance-Free and Tingle Formula each come 100 gram cans (there is also a travel can size at 10.3 grams), which is a bit on the small side.

The applicator can that it comes in has a pop-off top and a round-dial applicator that you can turn to open and apply. Its holes aren't too big or small and give off a good amount when shaken into your hand.

I was first introduced to this product through a sample subscription service. I loved it immediately! Then I started looking for unscented talcum powder for "the boys," and couldn't find anything but baby powder....I appreciate having dry boys without the baby powder fragrance.

What A Consumer Says                 

Final Verdict

Overall, we would give Balla Powder For Men a...

thumbs up

The primary reasons for this are...

  • its super longevity
  • fine 'silky' feeling in hand and when applied
  • different varieties
  • specifically designed for men's pubic region (but can be applied anywhere)



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