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The best men's talc should have excellent strength and odour-eating properties, have a pleasant but not overbearing, masculine scent and feel consistent and luxurious in the hand. 


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If it's the best that you are looking for, check out Balla. This fine Italian talc feels great, smells great and is simply the best at keeping your dry

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When looking for the best men's talc powder, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind and compare:

  • how does it smell? too citrus-like or girly/
  • how does the talc physically feel? 
  • how much water and moisture does it absorb? does it leave your skin too dry?
  • how long lasting is it? 
  • is it safe to use?

When comparing all of these metrics, the only talcum powder that comes out at a cut above the rest is Balla Powder for Men.

Let's go through these metrics one by one.

How the Best Men's Talc Should Smell

This is where a lot of other talc powders go wrong.

As nearly every other talc powder on the market is marketing as an all-inclusive, gender-free talc powder they need to ensure that whatever fragrance and smell that they use is not too masculine (woody) or feminine (flowery).

This is what happens when you market a product that has as large a demographic target as possible, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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The difference is that Balla is strictly for men. Masculine men, at that.

Masculine fragrances are typically fragrances that take a longer time to dissipate and last. For example:

  • check
    Balsamic, such as vanilla
  • check
    Woody, such as oak and cedar
  • check
    Spicy, such as cinnamon

Balla's Original Formula fragrance takes care of this with it's oaky, musky natural fragrance. It doesn't come on too strong however it has just the right amount of strength to it.

That being said, Balla also comes in two more different scents if for some reason the oak, musk fragrances aren't your thing:

How the Best Men's Talc Should Feel

Talc consistency.

You don't want it to be lumpy.

You also don't want it to be so incredibly fine that it dissipates into the air when you sprinkle or pick some up.

nontalc, The Best Talcum Powder for Skin

The main point here is that you want a fine, lump-free talc powder that feels super-smooth to apply and stays that way.

This is where Balla really shines, as it's super-silky Italian talc powder feels perfect in your hands.

It also doesn't clump-up when being stored, which is exactly what you want it to do.

How Dry & Long-Lasting the Best Men's Talc Powder Should Be

Where do most men like to apply their talc?

  • the pubic region, balls, butt
  • the feet​​​
  • the armpits 

The problem, as most men are well aware of, is that these places on men tend to be wet.

And when there is a lot of moisture and wetness, these places then tend to start reeking.

So, the best men's talc is going to, necessarily, absolutely need to leave you feeling dry for as long as possible.

feel, The Best Talcum Powder for Skin

It needs to last as long as possible because, again as most men who apply talc powder will know, there is only one really opportune and easy time to apply the stuff, and that is in the morning (or at night) after your shower before you are dressed.

If you are walking around all pimped-up in a suit or your work clothes, it's too much of a hassle to carry your talc powder with you, rushing to the bathroom, dropping your pants and applying the stuff every few hours.

So, the stuff needs to soak up as much moisture as possible, for as long as possible and...

...not leave you feeling too dry.

The top-rated men's talcum powder can't leave your skin feeling too dry or else chafing might occur.

Again, this is where Balla Powder for Men really shines.

Most users report being able to apply Balla in the morning, go about their entire work-day (and then some), come home and still have their boys downstairs feeling just as fresh as when it was applied in the morning.

Due to its ultra-high and fine quality Italian talc, Balla simply outlasts all the rest.

The Best Men's Talc Powder Needs to be Safe

It's simply no use throwing on super-fine Italian-made talc powder on your boys and feet if the stuff is going to give you cancer ten years down the road.

Let's get straight to the point, talc powder is 100% safe and will not cause any defects or health problems, such as cancer, later in life.

Is Talc Safe To Use? 1

To date, there have been no conclusive studies that have proven any link between using asbestos-free talc powders and an increase in cancer.

There have been several studies that cited a very small increase in risk of ovarian-cancer in women, however these studies have been inconclusive and inconsistent.

Over the past several years there has been massive shift underway in the body powder market, away from talc-based powders towards non-talc based, such as cornstarch. 

And, although I personally have not seen any research that definitely and conclusively shows a link between prolonged use of talc powder and any health problems, when it comes to using a powder for your nether regions, I suggest reading this article

If you have no qualms with talc powder (as opposed to non-talc), the choice is rather straight-forward. 

The best men's talc powder is Balla Powder for Men. It's....

  • check
    super-silky fine and lump-free
  • check
    comes in two masculine fragrances and one fragrance-free
  • check
    soaks up moisture all day long 
  • check
    is safe to use 

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