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Body powder is messy. Puffy clouds of smoke waft onto your body and into your room as you crack open your favourite bottle. Even more slips past your fingers and falls onto the ground as you dash it onto your palm. 

But, it doesn't have to be...​


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The Problem 

One of the most frustrating experiences of applying body powder is the fact that the damn stuff is so sloppy. 

You just want to rub to rub some powder onto your feet, or around your man-junk, and instead you've got what looks like the aftereffects of a long 16-hour shift in a bread bakery. 

The Best Body Powder Applicator main

There's powder everywhere. Yea, it's rubbed onto your feet, around your balls and taint leaving you smelling fresh and fly, and it's also everywhere else. There are powder particles on the floor. On the desk next to the floor. On notepad on your desk. The stuff even floats onto the bottom-half of your pants as you slip them on. What in the hell? 

Luckily, there is an extremely easy solution to this common problem. 

Make sure whatever body powder you choose comes with some kind of applicator tip or nozzle. 

If your talc or body powder is simply a bottle with a regular, simple screw-off lid, and if you really don't want to mess around and clean up each and every single time you apply the stuff, you're not going to be happy. 

The Solution

Luckily, there is at least one men's hygiene company out there that has done a fairly good job at trying to redress this problem. And, fortunately, the product which also sits under the nozzle isn't too shabby either. 

It's called Chassis Man Care Premium Powder.

I have previously written about this men's body powder in the past. You can find the a comparison table here.

The best thing in my mind about this bottle isn't the product inside (although I personally like it), but what sits on top of it.

chassis man care applicator tip

The applicator tip is super precise.

It has a super-precise applicator nozzle that squirts out a small dose of powder when lightly shaking it. It works perfectly. 

All you need to do is take the bottle, shake it sideways and squirt a bit of powder into the palm of your other hand. Generally, just a few squirts will do the trick, giving you the perfectly-sized portion of powder that you need. Not too little, and certainly not a heaping mound of talc, underneath plums of powder particles rising into the air. 

Ok, so the applicator tip inside is precise and it seems as if this solves my problem, but will I actually like the stuff inside? 

As noted above in my review, I really liked this product. Besides the applicator nozzle, the product itself is non-talc (there is absolutely no need to use talc-based products anymore) cornstarch based, with oatmeal extract, hops, aloe and pumpkin seed thrown in for a refreshing feeling and fragrant (yet manly) smell on your skin. 

In short, if you just don't want to deal with constantly cleaning up your chaotic bottle of men's body powder, just grab a few of this. 

Your second best option, if for some reason or another you don't want to go around smelling like oatmeal and hops (the fragrance isn't feminine, mind you, but perhaps some not take a liking to it) is to pick up a bottle of Jack Black's Dry Down Powder, which also has a very precise applicator tip. 

Like the Chassis product, this is also a non-talc body powder that is primarily cornstarch-based, however the difference is in the details.

jack black applicator tip

Chassis Man Care contains alcohol, which keeps you drier longer. However, those with sensitive skin sometimes are prone to redness or slight rashes, depending on where they rub the powder. Jack Black's Dry Down powder is alcohol-free, so it probably won't keep you dry as long, but is probably better for those with sensitive skin. 

They also differ with respect to smell, as this body powder is infused with lavender and green tea, producing quite a bit of a different fragrance. 

Back to the applicator nozzle. I found that the applicator tip on this product wasn't as precise as the Chassis bottle, but still, better than basically anything else out there. 

The reason that it wasn't quite as precise as the Chassis bottle, was simply because the holes were slightly bigger. On the Chassis bottle, the applicator is long, thin and small, which means that when you shake it only a very small portion comes out. With the Jack Black product, it's still not as messy as most other bottles, but it's still not quite as clean and precise as the Chassis. 

The bottom line is that if you are looking for the best body powder applicator, either of these products will work. Both are also relatively inexpensive and will last a while.

You could also nab a cheap plastic squirt bottle and cram the body powder of your choice into that, and simply use that to deal with this issue. The only downside to this is that you would probably get messy, but just once. 


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