Chassis Man Care Premium Powder is a non-talc premium powder specifically designed for men and their nether regions.


Chassis Man Care

Chassis Man Care

Chassis Man Care Premium Powder is a great non-talc luxury talc alternative to Balla

Consumer Rating

It's mainly made up of cornstarch instead of talc, and has a very unique and long-list of ingredients jam packed into every bottle.

In the market of finer men's care powders, it's main competitor is Jack Black Dry Down Powder.

It's main benefits are:

  • above-average consumer rating with an extremely large number of reviews
  • tons of various plant extracts for a soothing, cooling after-effect
  • asbestos and aluminum-free
  • unique applicator for high precision when dispensing

Below is our Chassis Man Care Premium Powder review.


Talc-Free Premium

Chassis Man Care Premium Powder Review
  • Pumpkin, hops, aloe and oatmeal
  • Has best applicator tip on the market
  • Masculine scent
  • Great reviews


Fine Italian Talc

balla powder for men review
  • 3 different varieties
  • Specially designed for men
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Very high review ratings


Friction-Free Formula

jack black dry down powder review
  • Lavender & green tea scent
  • Friction-free formula great for athletes
  • Precise applicator tip

Pros & Cons



Best applicator on market


Soothing after-affect

Contains alcohol

Doesn't clam up 

Only one scent

What Does It Smell Like?

Chassis Man Care has a ton of ingredients packed into every bottle.

That being said, perhaps Chassis wanted to concentrate their efforts on their powder's moisture-sucking ability rather than its fragrance, because this is one area that it somewhat lacks in.

Its not fragrance-free, nor does anyone of its ingredients seem to overpower any of the others.

Its scent could best be described as a type of faint, Old Spice + pumpkin mix. Very light and not overbearing at all.

How Long Does It Last?

Nothing has the ability to soak up sweat and moisture than talc.

chassis man care size
However, many people simply either have a bad reaction to talc powders or for one reason or another, would prefer to avoid them.

This is where the bulk of cornstarch-based powders come in.

The problem with many of them is that they a) do not last as long as talcs and b) often turn into little balls of paste every several hours of sweat.

This product however manages to avoid all of that, probably due to its alcohol-content.

Alcohol does a very good job at soaking up sweat, however it sometimes leaves users' skin feeling dried out and irritated.

The alcohol content inside Chassis Man Care Premium Powder must somehow avoid that, as there have been very few complaints about its lasting ability.

Overall, this product should easily last all day for users who apply it to their undercarriage and who work in an office-type of environment. For those who work outside or under strenuous conditions, multiple applications might be needed (or just use talc).

How The Talc Feels & How To Apply It

Chassis Man Care is made up of; cornstarch, alcohol, baking soda, pumpkin seed, aloe, hops and oatmeal extract.

chassis man care applicator tip
Its powder is very fine and absorbs very quickly onto your skin, leaving very little trace of powder and no 'poof'.

One of the better aspects of this powder however is its applicator nozzle.

Whereas most talc powder dispensers have a 'bigger is better' philosophy (which means talc all over the place), Chassis Man Care went the other way. A thinner nozzle with three medium sized holes, to basically ensure every last drop of talc falls into your hand and not the floor.

Each bottle is filled with 113 grams of powder which, if used daily, should last you between a month or two (depending on how much you use).

Finally, a premium powder product specifically designed for men! I have been using my kid's baby powder for years and wound up smelling like lavender and experiencing the daily "powder poof" where all of the light weight powder "poofs" out of my pants/jeans! Talc products and any freshening spray (with menthol) BURNS! Chassis was easy to apply, looks and feels like a premium product and kept me cool and dry all day.

What A Consumer Says...                 

Final Verdict

Overall, we would give Chassis Man Care Premium Powder a...

thumbs up

It's a bit on the pricy side, and it doesn't exude as much of a manly scent as some other products do, however...

  • the application nozzle does a super good job of not making a mess
  • lasts a very long time for a cornstarch-based powder
  • produces a soothing, relaxing after-effect for your 'boys'



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