Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc Powder, having been around since 1810, is one of the most famous talc brands in the world today.


Clubman Pinaud

clubman pinaud finest talc review

Clubman Pinaud Talc Powder is a classic alternative to the finer, more luxurious talcs

Consumer Rating

Overview & Features

Clubman Pinaud talc has been around forever. 

As opposed to luxury talcs such as Balla, Clubman Pinaud is much more commercial, and is often seen used in barbershops to dust off loose hair and absorb moisture after haircuts.

But that doesn't mean it's not worth using.

Its main benefits are;

  • Incredibly inexpensive, you can get 3x as much Clubman Pinaud as you can other luxury talcs
  • asbestos, alcohol and aluminum-free
  • has a classic 'barbershop' smell, not baby powdery at all


Talc-Free Premium

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  • Pumpkin, hops, aloe and oatmeal
  • Has best applicator tip on the market
  • Masculine scent
  • Great reviews


Fine Italian Talc

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  • 3 different varieties
  • Specially designed for men
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Very high review ratings


Friction-Free Formula

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  • Lavender & green tea scent
  • Friction-free formula great for athletes
  • Precise applicator tip

Pros v. Cons




Clunky applicator

Classic 'barbershop' smell

Only one scent

Feels fine in your hand

Not as long lasting as Balla

What Does It Smell Like?

If you've ever used Clubman Pinaud Aftershave then you will immediately recognize the smell of this talc.

Packed with citrus, lemon and Clubman Pinaud's own unique fragrance, Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc definitely has a "barbershop" smell to it, without simultaneously overpowering you.

It doesn't smell anything like traditional baby powder or some of the other commercial talcs, like Gold Bond.

The best way to describe it would be something akin to a barbershop; musky, clean and manly.

How Long Does It Last?

clubman pinaud finest talc review
Compared to non-talcs made up of cornstarch-based product, talcs typically tend to last very long, even on hot, humid days.

The longevity of Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc is overall pretty good.

For most men, applying it once during the morning should get you through the day fairly easily. More so if you work in some type of office environment which does not require a lot of physical exertion.

For men who work in hotter, more humid climates and who work in physically demanding jobs, you will probably need to apply a little bit more than normal on hotter days.

However, it should last you most of the day.

Not the entire day like Balla, but definitely the entire work day.

How The Talc Feels & How To Apply It

clubman pinaud main
Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc Powder is very fine for a talc, and doesn't have a gritty or lumpy consistency.

The talc feels very fine and smooth in your hand.

Applying it is not as easy as something like Chassis Man Care Premium, which has a very unique pin-point applicator nozzle.

Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc Powder has a regular applicator that is quite clunky, so the best way to apply it is to simply take a towel and sprinkle some talc onto a folded towel.

Then, simply use the towel to brush your neck, chest, and pubic region.

Several users also like to sprinkle a bit in their shoes to protect against bad odor.

Final Verdict of Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc Powder

Overall, we would give Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc Powder a...

thumbs up

The main reasons for this being;

  • manly 'barbershop' smell
  • very inexpensive, good value for your money
  • fine talc that doesn't feel gritty or lumpy in your hand

If you are looking for something of a 'bare-bones' talc to simply get the job done, you would be hard pressed to find a better option than Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc Powder.



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