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NameScentTalc or Non-Talc# of ReviewsOverall RatingSizeLasting AbilityDistinguishing FeaturePrice
Balla Powder For Men
balla powder, balla powder for men
Musky OakTalcVery HighExceptional100gVery HighSpecifically made for pubic and groin area, manly smell, extremely long lasting$20 and Under
Jack Black Dry Down
jack black dry down 2
Lavender & Green TeaNon-talcAverageAbove Average170gAverageHelps protect against chafing, good for athletes, unique smell, great applicator tip$20 and Under
Chassis Man Care
chassis man care premium powder
Pumpkin, aloe, hops and oatmealNon-talcVery HighAbove Average113gVery HighSuper precise applicator nozzle, faint but masculine scent$20 and Under
Clubman Pinaud
clubman pinaud main
Barbershop muskTalcVery HighAbove Average255gVery HighGood value for money, musky scent$15 and Under
Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort
gold bond ultimate comfort body powder review
Chamomile & LavenderNon-talcVery HighExceptional283gAverageGood value for money / Very silky feeling$15 and Under
Woody Non-Talc Body Powder
woody non-talc body powder review 1
Cedarwood and Tea TreeNon-talcVery HighExceptional142gVery HighVERY strong, masculine scent$15 & Under
Ora's Amazing Herbal Unscented (and lavender option)Non-talc (Karolin Clay Powder)AverageExceptional73gHighNon-talc, non-cornstarch, non-gluten
Only 4 ingredients
Light fragrance
$15 & Under