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Talcum powder.

It's not just something that your grandpa uses.


Balla Talc Powder

If it's the best that you are looking for, check out Balla. This fine Italian talc feels great, smells great and is simply the best at keeping your dry

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In fact, next time you leaf through an online shopping catalogue you might be surprised at how big the men's talcum powder section is.

Everything from scented to bare-bones, from sensitive skin to extra-strength.

If you are just looking for bare-bones protection, you can't really go wrong with any of the traditional brands such as Gold Bond, Clubman or Burt's Bees.

However, if you want to take it up a notch, we strongly recommend Balla.

However, before you get the best, you need to learn how to use talc powder.

And that is where a lot of men go wrong.

Luckily, this short article will point you in the right direction. ​

What Exactly is Talcum Powder?

According to Wikipedia, "talc is a mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate with the chemical formula H2Mg3(SiO3)4 or Mg3Si4O10(OH)2."

Now, I know what you are thinking, why should a grown-ass man use talc powder?

Isn't that for babies?

You know that quote that goes something to the effect of, a picture is worth a thousand words?

swamp ass

Well, take a look at the picture next to these words.

In this case, I think a picture is worth just one (or two depending on how technical you want to be).

Pretty disgusting, right?

Enter talc (or talcum powder).

Sprinkle on a little bit of talc on your 'trouble areas' and suddenly, those areas become a lot less troublesome. Especially in the dead of summer.

Talcum Powder Uses for Men

talc powder in hand

Although talc powder can be used to soak up moisture anywhere, it isn't merely used to combat excessive sweating.

It also serves as something of a body spray. Body sprays (such as from Axe) are all the rage these days, and while they do a good job of improving a man's smell at low-cost, they don't do anything else.

Talc on the other hand not only reduces excessive sweat, but also gives off a sweet aroma.

This is why it's such a great tool to use in your 'trouble spots'.

Applying it gives a double-whammy of protecting against both too much sweat, and too much stank.

How to Use Talcum Powder?

Talc is pretty easy to administer.

Here's an easy step-by-step guide on how to apply it.

  • Make sure the area where you will apply it is dry (if it's wet it won't stick) 
  • Sprinkle some talc into your free hand by either shaking your talc bottle upside down or using the cloth provided (some talc powders come in cans) 
  • It's best to start off with less talc than you think you need, rather than get too much (getting talc all over the place just sucks) 
  • Rub it onto your feet, pubic and buttocks region for a good 10 seconds or so, ensuring that it's evenly spread and worked into your skin
  • Take you hand and kind of lightly slap the areas that you have just rubbed, making sure everything is clean and smooth

Also, it's always best to apply talc in the bathroom or else your floor will be covered in white particles, so just be careful to sweep up the excess talc that inevitably lands elsewhere.

Can I Just Use Baby Powder?

balla powder silky-smooth

You might not want to.

Many talc powders these days don't use talc at all but rather cornstarch.

And while cornstarch is thought to be safer than talc, one possible side-effect is that it is a little-bit less effective at reducing moisture over long periods of time.

There is also the smell. Different powders give off different scents. And you if you want to go around smelling like a baby, that is certainly your prerogative.

Cancer Concerns?

In the past, the mineral from which talc is derived was often located in and near asbestos deposits, which would sometimes taint talcum powder products made for human consumers.

However, this problem has largely been eliminated through the use of stringent quality-control measures.

So, no need for worry, apply as liberally as you like!

As noted above, if you are at all concerned about this, simply switch to an all-cornstarch powder. It will be almost as effective as regular talc.

The Best Talcum Powder for Men

A list of the best talcum powders for men:

  • Balla Talc Powder for Men
  • Jack Black Dry Down Friction Free Powder
  • Chassis Man Care Premium Powder

Ball Talc Powder for Men

balla talc powder main

Read the full review HERE

If it's the best that you are looking for, check out Balla. It's made specifically to apply for men's pubic regions, and it has a rather kick-ass name.

What puts this fine Italian talc over the top however is it's ability to keep your boys dry. And we mean desert-dry.

So, if you're a guy who works long-shifts or just suffers from excessively-sweaty balls and nether-regions, check the stuff out. It works rather well in that department, and best of all, comes in a few different aromas.

We're quite partial to the original musk and oak scent ourselves. Gives a good 'manly' vibe down there, while not being overly fruity.

Jack Black Dry Down Friction Free Powder

jack black dry down 2

Read the review HERE.

Balla and Taylor of Old Street easily top our list of the top two talcs for men on the market today, so what about cornstarch or non-talcs?

Enter Jack Black's Dry Down Friction Free Powder. This cornstarch-based powder is infused with lavender and green tea, to give it a more earthy fragrance.

The real benefit for this talc however is it's ability to help protect against chafing, especially in the pubic and pelvis area, so this type of powder may be the best option for athletes.

Many users also commented on it's rather convenient and easily-used dispenser.

Chassis Man Care Premium Powder

chassis man care applicator tip

Read the review HERE.

Rounding out our list of the best talcs (and non-talcs) out there today is Chassis Man Care Premium Powder. Like the Jack Black powder, this is a non-talc cornstarch-based powder that is infused with pumpkin seed, hops, oatmeal and aloe.

The biggest benefit of this talc is its soothing effect (which probably comes from the aloe).

It will definitely keep you dry (although probably not as long as Balla or a real talc), but whereas Jack Black is probably better for athletes or for guys who are on the move all-day long, this talc may be better suited for those who are more sedentary.

Hopefully, this article helped answer any questions or concerns you may have had on how to use talcum powder. As always, we appreciate any feedback, so please drop us a line below!


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