how women see body hair

Let's face it, people's beliefs, perceptions, values and thoughts change. Rarely do a people stay the same, no matter how traditional they are. This applies equally to the realm of personal grooming as well. 


Thirty years ago the vast majority of men would rather be hang a noose around their neck than be caught buying half the grooming products that men typically buy these days (OK maybe that's pushing it).

But that doesn't necessarily mean that's a bad thing, it just means that things change.

And that means that as men have changed their grooming habits, so have how women have come to see old (and new) habits. The infographic below breaks down these perceptions and values into percentages of the population.

Afterward compiling some research, I have noticed some clear trends.

Trend #1: Women Definitely Prefer Hair Removal's just they all don't agree on where that should be.

For instance, huge majorities (+70%) find butt and back hair a major turn-off, but nearly half of all women (49%) find trimming and shaving a man's legs "to be weird."

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This even applies to a man's chest, once a sacred jungle of tangled, man-hair. According to one study, women show a strong preference for shaved vs. unshaven chests which supercedes cultural lines. In that same study however, a sizable portion (around 20%) still preferred hair on men's chests.

What this says to us is that there appears to be three general types of women:

  • 1
    Women who strongly dislike nearly any and all hair. For these type of women, the less hair the better, no matter where that hair may be.
  • 2
    Women who like some degree of male grooming and manscaping. In general this tends to be the butt, back, chest and a trimmed-up or shaved groin.
  • 3
    Women who like everything "all natural" and prefer their men to be hairy. For these type of women, the more hair the better, and the more hair, the more masculine.

Trend #2: Women Definitely Want Men to Have Better Grooming Habits

This also stood out rather strongly with us.

Although due to limited space the infographic is not able to cover this, if you were to compare the statistics in this infographic with statistics related to how often and what types of male grooming activities men actually do, you would find a rather big disparity.

While it's true that more and more men are manscaping and taking better care of themselves, there are still large segments of the male population which do not partake in any grooming activities whatsoever, or do not perform them correctly.

A good example of this is the number of men who trim or remove their bum hair. We're not going to bore you with more statistics here, but take our word for it (or ask around yourself), it's not a common male grooming activity.

On that same line however, a huge majority of women find bum hair to be unsightly.


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