manscaping your groin a guide

If there is one place that you do not want a sharp, pointy object, it is down and around your nether regions.


That said, there is more than one benefit to having an aesthetic, groomed groin so if you are looking for some pointers on what you need and how to get started, then read on!

What You Need First

First things first, you are going to need a few tools in order to do this properly. Depending on how 'much' you want to manscape you may not need all of these, however it is a good idea to at least have them handy.

  • A new 3 or 4 bladed razor (yes, this really has to be new, as in never used before) 
  • A pair of trusty scissors 
  • Shaving cream for sensitive skin, preferably non-scented
  • A good trimmer with several length attachments

Step One - Trimming

Head to the bathroom.

If you are reading this page this probably means you are not yet a Jedi-level manscaping grandmaster, which means you probably have quite the bush.

You don't want to be finding random pubic hairs all over your pad for the next six months.

sharp scissors

Take out your trimmers and set the attachment head to about 1/4" of an inch or so.

Trimming your hair is always a recommended first step, as it greatly reduces the difficulty of shaving. What you want to do is to simply trim all over your pubic and groin region; from above your twig & berries to below, from your buttocks to your scrotum.

Make sure everything is pretty even.

Word of advice when trimming your scrotum; be gentle and be careful.

Manscaping your groin is not easy. If you can, you may need to get into a squat position when trimming around the scrotum.

You will probably also need to pull apart your buttocks with your free hand. Yes, it's awkward but unless you want someone else doing this you need to do it, so just man up.

You can eventually go on towards using your trimmer without any attachment, but only after you feel comfortable doing this and have practiced it a few times. Your scrotum is very sensitive, and very easily damaged. You can never really shave or directly trim it, the best you can do is to go around it.

Step Two - Showering

Consider taking a hot bath or at the very least, take a ten minute hot shower.

This will open up your pores to make the next part easier; shaving. Just a little word of advice but it's always a good idea to perform your manscaping duties whenever you take your showers.

It's simply a million times more efficient.

shower head

You can either turn down the water pressure a little bit and stay out of the shower or step outside. Either option is fine, but you need continued access to running water for the next part.

Step Three - Shaving

Lather up the areas that you want to shave.

Like stated above, you want to avoid using a menthol-based or heavily scented shaving gel or foam, as this might irritate your skin when shaving your groin.

The skin around this area tends to be much more sensitive than other parts of your body.

manscape your groin, wikihow

And now we are in the meat and potatoes of the post.

This is where you will either make it break it (maybe literally). Remember when I said that you needed a new 3 or 4 bladed razor?

You need one. Never use a dull razor down here.

You need a new 3 or 4 bladed razor as you will need to be very careful and use rather short, but gentle grazing strokes.

Now, with your free hand, pull back your skin around the area that you want to shave.

Make sure it's nice and taut. Then, you want to shave just the surface. Try to minimize your strokes as much as possible.

Doing this in the region above your twig & berries is quite easy, it's the region directly underneath and right on the shaft and balls that is difficult.

When shaving your shaft, grab the glans with your free hand and stretch it a bit, then use your razor and gently shave in either downward or upward strokes. Rinse your razor after each stroke.

For the balls, you have to be even more careful.

Again, you will need to use your free hand and kind of stretch out the skin when you shave them.

You want your skin as 'flat' as possible when your shave, and it is very easy to nick.

You will probably spend a good five to ten minutes here, as it is rather difficult to get all of the hairs.

Step Four - Exfoliating (Crucial!) 

Step four is probably the most underrated step of the entire process, and can really affect the next few days.

Wash your groin and pubic region thoroughly using an exfoliator.

It is very easy for the pores around this part to get clogged and dirty, and for ingrown hairs to occur as well as get razor burn. After exfoliating, gently pat your nether region dry.

razor bumps or pseudofolliculitis

It's probably also a good idea to use a good talc as well to prevent chafing and skin irritation.

Be sure to exfoliate over the next few days as well, as your skin will be extra sensitive, especially the first few times.

Viola! You are now officially manscipated!



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