Are Scrotal Lifts The Next Big Thing?

You've probably heard of tummy-tucks, chin-tucks and breast lifts.

And if you haven't yet heard of scrotal probably soon will.


Scrotal lifts are essentially how they sound.

Low hanging balls are lifted up....permanently.

In more formal medical terminology, the procedure is known as a scrotoplasty.

If you haven't started wincing yet, you soon will be. Here's how it works.

Saggy ball skin is sliced away (under an anaesthetic of course) and the remaining tissue is rejoined at the middle 'seam' to reduce scarring.

What Men Are Getting Scrotal Lifts?

In the past, scrotoplasties were typically done on testicular cancer patients as well as men who were stricken with various testicle abnormalities.

scrotal lift scrotoplasty
But these days, more and more regular guys are getting them done.


Essentially, because they want smoother, more aesthetic looking balls.

As more and more men try to slim up, muscle up and clean up, a few are more likely to increasingly push the envelope of male grooming, and truly go where no man has before.

And just how many men are getting scrotal lifts?

Over the past 10 years in the U.K. the number of men who get a scrotal lift has doubled to around 4,500 a year.

In the United States the numbers are well over double that.

The vast majority of men getting these cosmetic surgeries done are men 40 and over, as skin collagen drastically loses its elasticity as we age, to say nothing of the overall effect of gravity.

Is The Procedure Safe?

A scrotal lift is minimally invasive and the entire procedure typically takes less than an hour, but you may be wondering if it's safe, given that a man's testicles are....pretty important.

It's a very safe surgery, however it comes with a few risks.

The muscle tissue surrounding your testicles serves to protect it from injury, as well as cool it off. Thus, surgeons only try to cut away the excess tissue, so that they return to what they looked like years ago.

As the surgery is still rather new, how the remaining muscle tissue changes where the testicle is positioned, as well as how a man's testicles react to their position, may affect things such as sperm production and fertility.

That being said, if ear pinning surgeries, hair transplants and butt implants are anything to go by, there is probably a really good chance that this becomes more and more popular among men.

For now, the scrotal lift appears to be here to stay.



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