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Did you know that the vast majority of generic fingernail clippers are actually terrible for your fingernails? Here's a few pairs that aren't. 


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Your hand.

It's most often the first contact-point between individuals when meeting each other.

And as it holds this distinction, it very often will play a role in how others judge and perceive you.

Men however, are often referred to as very utilitarian creatures.

What this means is that men, will often do things out of utility first and foremost. That is to say; convenience, applicability or function. How things look is very often left for last.

Or not at all.

And so, very often men will omit habitually grooming their fingernails, as they simply don't see any obvious advantage to cutting them on a daily or every-other-day basis.

Unfortunately, people (not just other women) will notice your fingernails. As such, it's a pretty good idea to have keep them properly groomed.

And if you want to keep your fingernails properly groomed, then it might be a good idea to have a good pair of fingernail clippers.

And if you need to have a good pair of clippers, why not have the best fingernail clippers in the world???

In this article you will learn: 

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    how fingernail clippers work
  • 2
    what makes a good pair of clippers
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    where the best clippers come from
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    best fingernail clipper products

How Fingernail Clippers Work

If you are looking for the best fingernail clippers in the world, you first need to understand how clippers work, and what separates good clippers from bad.

Most modern day fingernail clippers are the compound-lever style that look something like this:

Basically, how they work is by placing a fingernail between two sharp pieces of metal, and then using a lever to smash them together with enough force to ensure a quick clip.

best fingernail clippers in the world main

That quick clip however is predicated on both pieces of metal being sharp.

Which brings us to the next point...

What Makes a Good Pair of Clippers

When you are looking for a good pair of fingernail clippers, the most important aspect of any pair is its sharpness.

In the words of world-renowned Jin Soon Choi,

Sharpness is most important because if it's not sharp, you end up pulling on the nails while cutting, which causes damage.

Jin Soon Choi

As long as a pair of clippers maintains its sharpness, you are going to get an optimal, healthy cut.

The problem is that the vast majority of clippers bought and sold world-wide are built using cheap, low-quality steel.

And what happens over time to low-quality, cheap steel?

It quickly loses its sharpness and,

It rusts.

Therefore, the first thing you want to look for in a good pair of fingernail clippers is for them to be rust-free.

best fingernail clippers in the world

Thankfully, many (but not most) clippers today are built with stainless steel, which protects against rust.

But you also need them to be maintain their sharpness, as a pair of dull clippers is only going to haphazardly smash the two pieces of steel onto your fingernail, tearing it apart instead of cutting it sharply.

This is why the best fingernail clippers in the world must also use very high-quality steel.

Which now brings us to our next (and final point)...

Where the Best Clippers Come From

In the prior heading, we pointed out that the best clippers need to have two things specifically:

  • use stainless steel to protect against rust
  • use a very high quality steel

And where do we find these two things?

Let's first discuss where you aren't going to find these two things in clippers.

If your clippers come from China, Pakistan, Laos and other 'developing' countries, it's almost assuredly going to be a low-quality steel.

The best steel comes from two places:

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      Western European countries such as France, Switzerland and Germany, specifically the Solingen area
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    Seki, Japan

Both Solingen, Germany and Seki, Japan are renowned the world over for their extremely-high quality knife, blade, clipper and cutlery production.

Simply put, these two places are where you are going to find the best fingernail clippers in the world.

There are two companies in particular that I would strongly recommend; Tweezerman (based out of Solingen, Germany) and Seki (based out of Seki-City, Japan).

gross fingernails

Any pair of clippers or tweezers from either of these fantastic companies is going to be of a very high, very durable quality.

In particular, Seki Edge Stainless Steel Clippers is a great choice.

And as a final note, when searching for a pair of clippers, make sure that you at the very least, get a separate pair of clippers for your toenails.

If you would like to read more on you should do this, check out this article here.

Hopefully, this article helped you find the best fingernail clippers in the world. Please leave a comment below, we appreciate any feedback!


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