What Does Manscaping Mean?

Head on over to Google and plug in 'What does manscaping mean" into the search box and the first entry (belonging to Urban Dictionary) will read as follows:

"The removal of excess body hair via waxing, shaving, plucking. Also, manscap-ing, -ed."


A few entries down (and perhaps a little bit more of an authority), the Dictionary.com entry will state:

"Verb (used with or without an object), to remove (unwanted body hair other than scalp hair) by waxing, shaving, etc."

And while both of these definitions are fine, in a sort of bare-bones sense, we here at Manscipated see 'manscaping' as something that is a little bit more.

Really, to manscape is really all about expressing yourself as the ideal you, or as the image in your head that you want to achieve, through male grooming.

manscaped male models
Perhaps some people would take issue with this definition, but that is largely how we see it.

Manscaping is not something that is separate from male grooming. They are one and the same. And male grooming, through all its variations and iterations, is something that is intensely personal.

So, what does it mean to express yourself as the ideal you through male grooming?

Well, quite simply it means what it says.

In nearly all of us there is this 'ideal image' of ourselves of how, in a perfect world, we would want to look like. For some of us, that might be to sport a wild beard and go 'all-natural' as much as possible. At least in terms of our grooming.

For others, that might be as little body hair as possible.

What really matters is the image that you have in your head, that is true to yourself and yourself alone, and the progress and action that you take in getting there.

That is what male grooming is all about to us here at Manscipated, and that is what manscaping is to us as well.


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