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Matthew McConaughey once famously stated that he went without both cologne and deodorant, to the dismay of some of his costars

And unless you are a super successful, wealthy, Oscar-winning actor it's probably not a good idea to do the same. 


This begs the question however; given the huge selection of choices in cologne, body spray and body powder, what should a man smell like? 

The short and simple answer is, any type of masculine scent.  

These are scents such as: 

  • Citrus and fruity scents
  • Lavender scents
  • Wood, oak or musk scents
  • Spicy scents

Why these scents as opposed to some others? 

Let's start off with answering the easier part of this question, how a man should NOT smell. 

What A Man Shouldn't Smell Like

Being unhygienic. 

Study after study, and article after article has hit this home and yet still many men fail to properly clean themselves. 

After a popular speed-dating event in Los Angeles recently, participants were asked to list their biggest turn-offs in the other sex. The women stated: 

what should a man smell like main
  • #1 Bad breath
  • #2 Bad body odor 
  • #3 Smoking

For men, it's pretty simple what you should NOT smell like. Your breath shouldn't stink, and you body shouldn't be wafting disgusting body odor everywhere.

For brevity's sake, I don't think we need to go into what you can do for your teeth besides regularly brushing your chompers. That should be fairly obvious.

What A Man Should Smell Like

You might be thinking that the best thing a man can do to smell nicely is to purchase something like a Burberry or Armani cologne and splash it on every morning. 

And while you CAN do that and it is certainly better than doing nothing, allow me to present a much simpler option: body powder. 

Scent Nice Pleasant Fresh Refresh Cologne Smell

There are numerous reasons why you should first opt for a good body powder instead of a cologne. In fact, they can often compliment each other, where the body powder serves as your "base" and the cologne serves to "spruce you up" for special occasions. 

Reason #1: Body Powders Are Dual Purpose

A good body powder will not only help you smell better throughout the day, but they will also help prevent against sweat and body odor. What cologne can do that? 

It doesn't matter how much cologne splashed on yourself if in two hours you are sweating buckets. Eventually, the cologne will lose strength and the body odor will start to take control.

This leads me to the second point, which is...

Reason #2: Body Powders Are Not Overpowering

Of course, neither are many colognes, but in my experience, most men tend to either splash or spray too much on, or they put it on the wrong areas, or buy the wrong type of fragrance. 

With a good body powder it's a lot harder to do this, as their fragrance typically is not as strong.

And because it is not as strong, you are free to apply as much as you want, to as many "trouble" areas (such as your feet, crotch and other areas) as you feel necessary. It's a lot harder and annoying to spray cologne on the bottom of your feet.

This then leads to the final part, which is what type of fragrance and scent works best on men.

For men, you have a bevy of options, all depending on preference. Any one of these options is good, depending on your personality and environment. And the good thing is, all of these scents can be found in various body powders. 

For men, it's good to stick with...

  • check
    Citrus and fruity scents
  • check
    Lavender scents
  • check
    Wood, oak or musk scents
  • check
    Spicy scents

You can find a list of different body powders and their scents, as well as sizes, price and more at our comparison table page here



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