The Man Bun - Women Hate It

Male grooming trends. They come. They go. They evolve.

Sometimes they come, then go and then come back again. And sometimes, maybe they shouldn't come to begin with.According to a recent study nearly 63% of women either dislike the 'man bun' or outright abhor it.

58.6% of women would not date a man with a man bun
74.9% of women say man buns aren't attractive

Perhaps more disturbing however, is that when women were asked to come up with five adjectives to describe men with man buns, the word 'feminine' came up more than any other.

'Trendy, Weird, Sexy and Hot' rounded out the top five however, which just goes to show that one woman's Fabio is another woman's....Steve Buscemi?

But dig a little deeper between the lines here and what we start to find is that while, there probably are a sub-set of women who truly abhor the man bun (or 'x', where 'x' could be nearly anything), it's not necessarily the man bun that is the turn-off, it's how it comes across. Consider the quote below:

I've seen guys on TV that look hot with the man bun but so often guys in real life just look greasy and dirty. Guys, if you rock the man bun, you still have to wash your hair and shower regularly!

Grace Z

greasy hair
If Bradley Cooper can't pull it off then neither can you

So, what do we here at Manscipated think about the man bun? Something akin to those giant mass monsters on the cover of bodybuilding magazines.

For most of the general population, it's a bit too much. That said, there are plenty of women out there who would wet their panties the moment a guy like Kai Green would look their way.

Be forewarned however, generally the 'crazier' or 'more trendy' the hairstyle you want to pull-off, the more the rest of your style has got to be well-put together.

And considering that many women equate man buns with 'femininity', you might want to match a man bun with something that can exude masculinity, such as a beard or a more 'classic' fashion sense.

In the end, it's your call.

So basically what we are saying is, ignore the haters. Just make sure you wash your damn hair though...



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