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Why Do Balls Smell Like Vinegar? (Explained)

The vinegar-like smell coming from your balls is most often caused when bacteria on your balls and underwear mixes with your sweat. This combination can produce an acidic byproduct that has an unpleasant odor, which in some cases, may smell similar to vinegar. On those hot, sweaty days, where you’re exercising your butt off, it […]

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Gold Bond Talc-Free

Does Gold Bond Powder Have Talc?

Yes, the old versions of Gold Bond Powder had talc in them. But nowadays, Gold Bond has started to offer body powders that are talc-free. In the past, it is true that talc was the main ingredient for the brand’s body powders, but with all the controversies surrounding talc, Gold Bond has now shifted to […]

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gold bond body powder

Why Does Gold Bond Burn My Balls?

If applying Gold Bond to your balls led to a burning sensation, this most likely happened because you made the mistake of using the Medicated Extra Strength Body Powder (in the green bottle); or worse, you might have even used the Gold Bond Medicated Maximum Strength Foot Powder (in the blue bottle) on your balls. […]

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Does Shaving Bum Hair Reduce Sweat?

Yes, shaving bum hair can reduce sweat, especially if you’re overly hairy down there. They can aggravate sweat glands leading to the production of excess sweat. In addition, it can prevent sweat from evaporating, and may even trap unpleasant odors, so giving it a trim/shave/wax (whatever you prefer) can give your butt more room to […]

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Is Manscaping Hygienic? (Benefits Explained)

Yes, manscaping is extremely hygienic to your body because keeping hairs trimmed short down there helps in preventing and mitigating the growth of bacteria, as well as helps the body produce less sweat down there by making the groin area feel cooler and fresher with less hair covering the skin of your body. Manscaping refers […]

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