Banana Republic vs Ralph Lauren: How Do they Compare?

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Banana Republic is an upscale clothing and accessories retailer founded more than forty decades ago.

It is owned by the American multinational corporation Gap Inc and operates in over 500 locations.

Banana republic is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.

Ralph Lauren Corporation, popularly known as Ralph Lauren is an American fashion company known for the design, marketing, and distribution of apparel, home, accessories, and fragrances.

Established more than 50 years ago, the brand has its headquarters in New York and is available in over 400 locations.

With both brands being unique in their own ways, let’s look at how/where they compare.

Banana Republic vs Ralph Lauren: Comparison?

When you’re planning on furnishing your new home or just renovating, and at the same time giving your wardrobe a new look, Ralph Lauren could be your one-stop for everything.

The brand’s range of products starts from simple rugs to bedding, dining, bath, lighting, to even furniture.

Its clothing line is for all: men, women, and also kids.

It gives the house a uniform look and saves you the hassle of shopping for different brands.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, Banana Republic is mainly focused on clothing and accessories.

The brand probably wants to stay in its niche and give it all it can, which has been evident over the years.

About Banana Republic

Originally called Banana Republic Travel & Safari Clothing Company, the brand’s concept was to sell items that complement a safari and travel lifestyle.

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And eventually turned into a more luxurious clothing line.

The brand provides cotton, wool, and pure textile fabric options, which are optimal in quality and wear slowly.

The designs are simple, unexaggerated, and with a travel theme in mind for most of the clothing.

Banana republic is not as expensive as other luxury brands. It is a mid-range luxury, but it is Gap’s most luxurious brand.

About Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren first started with making ties, and then the design of polo shirts, and has since evolved in many ways.

The designer brand is credited for the famous polo logo seen across most polo shirts today.

The brand being sport driven at first has seen exponential growth and now offers different types of clothing, home, and accessories.

Its polo shirt remains the heart of the brand.

The brand provides top-quality products, with simple elegant designs to suit your professional, casual, or chic looks.

It is not as elaborate and stylish as other designers like Gucci or Chanel.

It uses high-cost raw materials for its production, and its products can last for years with little to no wear/strain.

The brand is quite affordable with a trench coat selling for around $600, it gets luxurious with the purple label as a coat sells for about $6,000.

Final Thoughts: Ralph Lauren or Banana Republic

In conclusion, Ralph Lauren is bigger and broader than Banana Republic.

But they both offer top-quality and comfy products.

Ralph Lauren is more expensive than Banana Republic, but it also has the mid-range Chaps brand.

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One of the biggest challenges of clothing brands is their online market; both brands have online stores and a lot of customer dissatisfaction comes from shipped products.

Most complaints by customers include different sizes of products received than ordered, poor customer care resolution, and mixed orders.

Although such complaints don’t come on a regular, a solution to this would be to shop physically.

Ralph Lauren, sport driven… Banana Republic, for travelers, these brands are one of the most popular clothing lines in the States.

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