Best Duke Cannon Soap Ranked: You’ll Like It!

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Duke Cannon Soap is second to none in most people’s eyes – though we can all likely agree it is pretty fantastic.

Whether or not it’s the best for you will likely depend on a few factors.

Do you like the scent, do you prefer tallow-based soap, and do you have a soap dish that’s big enough to hold a bar of Duke Cannons best?

Duke Cannon is renowned for being obscenely big and giving consumers their money’s worth. But, which Duke Cannon Soap is best?

What’s the Best Duke Cannon Soap?

Best is subjective so it is incredibly hard, if not impossible, to put one of Duke Cannon’s scents head and shoulders above the rest.

This is by no means a be-all-end-all list – since there seem to be a hundred different scents now. So, we have narrowed it down to 5 of the best in no particular order.

1. Naval Diplomacy

One of the biggest bars of soap available.

Affectionately included in the “Big Ass Brick of Soap” product line. This one even comes in cool world war 2 era packaging.

2. Campfire

This one goes without saying. Can you find any other soap that completely encompasses the smells and feels of a camping trip around the campfire?

It is hard to convey that experience in soap form. But, Duke Cannon have managed to get pretty gosh darn close.

3. Gunsmoke

This one may be a little controversial smelling – the smell of gunsmoke is not for everyone.

But, for those that enjoy the strangely satisfying saltpeter smell recreated with the soothing scents of vanilla, bourbon, smoked wood, and charred leather.

4. Leaf and Leather

The great outdoors is encapsulated in a 10 oz bar of rich tallow soap.

Leaf and Leather will almost convince you that you are back in the old west thundering from town to town on horseback with nothing but fresh air and the scent of old leather and chewing tobacco.

5. Pine Tar

Long gone are the days of pitchers chain smoking in the dugout and batsmen drinking a 1/8th of bourbon before they step up to the plate.

But, Pine Tar takes us back to the golden days with the rich aromas of oak matured whisky, bourbon, tobacco, and of course – pine tar!


While there are certainly some other options that almost could have made it onto this list, these are by far some of the best Duke Cannon soaps available.

Just keep in mind how darn big these bars are before you rush to buy all 5 at once!

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