Best Smelling Old Spice Body Wash: The Big List

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Old Spice is an American brand that makes men grooming products.

It is one of the brands that have been famous for decades. The company continuously pushes its products for over-the-top masculinity.

With a wide variety of quality men grooming products, including body wash, deodorants, antiperspirants, soaps, and aftershave, this narrative sure works perfectly.

Old Spice crafted its body wash to get men clean and smelling excellently for long hours of the day.

Free of parabens and phthalates, it’s a staple for most men.

However, with the wide variety of available scents, customers tend to run into a paradox of choices and find it challenging to choose the best-smelling body wash.

If you’re facing this dilemma, this article will save you the trouble of combing the internet and reading hundreds of reviews.

We’ll be discussing selected best-smelling Old Spice body wash that will make you smell excellent.

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Which Old Spice Body Wash Scents Are Best?

Old Spice body washes smell great with a long-lasting feeling.

Discussed below are the famous and top-smelling Old Spice body wash you must try out:

Swagger Scent

The Swagger scent is among the Red Zone collection.

It’s the most famous Old Spice scent in the body wash category, and the reasons are not far-fetched.

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Swagger is an excellent body wash with a masculine scent that’s not overpowering.

It’s dubbed the scent of confidence, and we can’t agree less. It gives a fresh and refreshing aroma.

The great smell is courtesy of the lime and cedar notes.

It’s not meant for unfresh men as it produces a legend of confidence from the dirtiest men.

Long-lasting attributes also accompany the Swagger’s refreshing smell. The scents last longer, even in the shower gel form.

Royalty Cologne Scent

Old Spice Royalty Cologne scent will leave you smelling great with the long hour’s cologne scent you deserve.

It’s a recent scent from Old Spice but has won the heart of many customers with its Black Cherry Cognac smell.

The scent is one of Old Spice’s freshest cologne scent body washes since its establishment.

It’s a sweeter fragrance formulated with cherry and cognac notes which slightly delve towards the fruity side rather than the boozy fragrance.

The scent is clean and fresh with a slightly woody base.

The Royalty cologne scent is formulated to work beyond providing a rich, refreshing lather that will get you clean but give you a long-lasting smell that takes you all day long.

Sea Spray Scent

Sea Spray is another popular scent in the Old Spice body wash collection, notorious for its modern masculine fragrance.

It is formulated with fresh citrus notes, which keep the body smelling lovely and unique.

It’s a premium cologne-scented body wash of Old Spice, and it’s recommended for men who do not only want to feel clean but also smell nice.

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There’s something about the Old Spice Fiji scents that feels special.

It’s a summer body wash that will enrich you with a tropical island feeling.

Maybe you might not feel the tropical on your skin, but the scent of coconut and palm trees with an earthy lavender smell will bring back memories of your last vacation.

Old Spice Fiji body wash gives a fresh, soothing, and uplifting smell that aligns with the body aura and radiates for the whole day.

The scent might not be long-lasting, but its short aroma moment will be worth the while.

Dynasty – Leather and Spice Scent

Dynasty belongs to the same collection as Royalty- The Red Zone collection.

Similar to Royalty Cologne scent, Dynasty is a scent that will enrich you with the refreshing feeling you deserve.

Dynasty scent offers a smooth leather feel with a spice similar to Royalty’s touch of Cognac.

However, it’s not super leathery.

It can be described as a sweeter suede-like scent with an initial spiciness complementing the sweetness.

Old Spice Volcano

Old Spice volcano scent is for the adventurers.

If you desire an aroma that transports you to an adventure island, you’ll never go wrong with Volcano.

It’s formulated with citrus, amber, and a brave touch.

The scent is a confidence booster when worn, and you’ll be filled with courage.

It’s a scent inspired by nature, ideal for leisure and workout days. It smells great and doesn’t feel too masculine.


The Old Spice body washes scent collection is broad, with each scent offering a unique attribute and smell.

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It’s tedious to choose the one that fits your taste.

However, the above list of scents we highlighted is a great place to begin your Old Spice body wash journey.

We recommend you try them out till you find the one that suits you best. Be rest assured you’ll never go wrong when you pick any of those.

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  1. old spice body wash royalty cologne sku # 00037000674412 cannot be found in the county of hidalgo texas in a store/vendor.???? I have order twice from amazon in 4pk and they always send dynasty scent. to hard and long to get customer service to fix the problem. any advice on how to purchase this body wash?