Best Talc Powder for Oily Skin

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Oily, greasy skin can be annoying. It’s even more annoying when you’re trying different products, all of which are failing at keeping your skin smooth, less oily and fresh-smelling.

To get straight to it, there are 2 products I would recommend if you suffer from oily skin: 

Best Powder for Oily Skin – Chassis Man Care

If I had to pick just one body powder to help with oily skin, it would be this without a doubt.

First, it’s cornstarch-based (instead of talc) so it’s all-natural and completely safe but it also contains a little bit of alcohol. Here’s the catch on this. Some cornstarch however is kept extremely low on purpose, but just enough so that it has a little bit of extra ‘oompf’ in its moisture-soaking ability.

Second, (and perhaps) due to the very faint alcohol, the body powder on this does not ever clam up on you.

With certain brands, you might find that the powder tends to make these very tiny ‘orbs’ of cornstarch, especially if your clothing constantly rubs up on your skin while you are sweating.

With Chassis, I have never, ever had this problem. It works excellent in both hot weather and also for oily skin.

Third, the scent on Chassis is not overpowering. In fact, it’s very light. Now, I know some people might prefer a stronger body powder, but I don’t, in particular for combating my oily skin.

You wouldn’t want your entire body to overpower everything else in a room just because you applied some body powder to your arms and legs.

Lastly, Chassis has by far the best applicator tip on the market today.

Almost every other body powder brand comes with a simple screw-off cap or at most, a screw-off cap and 3 ridiculously sized nozzles. …

The applicator nozzle on Chassis Man Care is perfectly sized, and I have found ejects a little bit of powder at a time. This makes it a lot easier to get just the right amount of talc, instead of spilling it all over the floor and needing to clean it up! 

2nd Best Powder for Oily Skin – Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort

The 2nd best talc powder for oily skin has got to go to good ole Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort.

This cornstarch based body powder does a few things a little bit differently from Chassis Man Care, so depending on your needs, this may actually be your best bet.

For starters, like the Chassis Man Care I found the lasting ability of Gold Bond to be very good. It easily kept me dry all day long.

However, unlike Chassis Man Care it lacks the alcohol, and instead is infused with various vitamins and some fragrances. For this reason, I would give a slight edge to Chassis Man Care in terms of being able to soak up moisture and oil. ​

On the other hand, this body powder is infused with chamomile, lavender and some other vitamins which really give it a very “fresh and slick” feeling that Chassis doesn’t quite have.

Basically, I would break it down like this: ​


Oily Skin But Outside Sweaty…

Gold Bond is better for oily but not sweaty skin.

Chassis Man Care is better for oily and sweaty skin.


The other advantage that this body powder has over Chassis is that its fragrance is unisex, it’s not “manly musky” or “flowery”. Both of these body powders are not strong in fragrance, it’s just that Chassis’ fragrance is light and musky, while Gold Bond’s is unisex and a bit “medicinal”.

Can A Body Powder Really Help Oily Skin?

While the above two products will certainly help if you’ve got an oily skin problem, there are a few things you should still be aware of.

To start with, a good moisture and oil-soaking body powder can only help mitigate the affects of oily skin, it can’t actually reduce the amount of sebum (oil) that your skin produces.

Secondly, you should never really use these products on your face, despite what some internet health guru says.

For your face, simply staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and washing your face with a good facial wash at least 2x a day will help.

If you rub on some talc onto your face, you might actually rub too much on, which has the effect of blocking your pores and causing your face to produce more oil, or even worse, break out with some acne.

For this reason, keep the body powder for your body, and treat your face to something different. I have found that certain toners work well at reducing oil, but nothing simply beats rinsing your face with water (and washing) 2 or 3x daily.

Aren’t Are All Talcs and Body Powders Basically The Same??

This is a pretty big misconception.

There is a little bit of truth in the statement however.

Generally speaking, all talcs and body powders are going to help soak up moisture and keep you feeling dry and fresh. They all basically achieve that aim.

The difference is in the details.

  • Certain body powders are way too “grainy and gritty” and simply don’t feel smooth and fresh after rubbing them onto your skin
  • Certain body powders contain too much alcohol and totally dry out your skin, leaving it red and subject to chafing
  • Certain body powders have very strong fragrances, which may or may not be what you are looking for
  • Certain body powders are made with different amounts of ingredients, for instance cornstarch vs. karolin-powder, or vitamin infused ingredients
  • Certain body powders are made of talc, which more and more people are totally shying away from

Thus, it was with these considerations that this ranking of the best talc for oily skin was made.

Both of these body powders are very good at soaking up moisture, they contain a decent amount that will at the very least last you a few months (or more depending on use), are totally safe to use, and have rather light scents.

At the end of the day, if you’ve got oily skin, either one should help quite a bit.

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