Body Spray vs Cologne: Which is Better?

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Want to smell nice and feel cool as well?

Then you need to choose between a body spray and a cologne.

While the body spray will make you feel cool, the fragrance doesn’t last for long.

Cologne, on the other hand, will give you that long-lasting scent but won’t make you feel cool.

To make your decision easier, this article has been put together. Keep reading to know which is better.

Body Spray

Body spray is a mixture of alcohol and water but with a little percentage of fragrance oil. Below are the reasons why you should use it.

1. Keeps You Cool

On a hot summer day, a body spray is your best bet.

This is because it acts as an antiperspirant, reducing excessive sweat and preventing unpleasant smells.

If excessive sweating and body odor are your problems, be assured that using a body spray will fix them.

2. Body Spray Is Lighter than Cologne

As a result, it may not have a lasting impression as cologne.

Take, for instance, it may take only a few hours for the scent to remain when you apply body spray.

Cologne, on the other hand, will take longer before the scent goes away.

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I like when the scent lingers much longer since it means I don’t have to go back to apply for a while.

3. It Is Cheap

Body spray doesn’t contain a lot of expensive ingredients.

This makes it a cheaper alternative. With as little as $10, you can purchase a bottle of body spray.

Cologne, on the other hand, can cost over $100 if it is produced by a designer brand.


Cologne is a classic perfume that offers a long-lasting fragrance. The advantages of using it are discussed below.

1. Long-lasting Fragrance

Unlike a body spray, cologne gives a fragrance that can last all day.

You don’t have to worry about the fragrance fading away after a couple of hours.

This is because cologne contains over 20 times the quantity of fragrance oil in a body spray.

2. Available in Different Scents

Most body sprays smell the same since they are composed mainly of water and alcohol.

To have access to a wide range of scents, a cologne is your best bet. Whether you want a mild or a strong scent, there is a cologne perfect for you.

4. More Stylish

I can use cologne to add a nice scent to my cloth when I’m going out. My body exudes a specific scent that people may eventually know me with.

Body spray, on the other hand, is better used to max odor or after a strenuous workout.

5. Apply Sparingly

You’ll notice I mentioned above that body spray is cheaper. That means it’s better for those who have the budget.

It also means you can apply it multiple times throughout the day.

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Why you can apply it daily, cologne is meant to be applied once throughout the day.

This also means you don’t need to have your cologne with you all the time. Your body spray, on the other hand, might be with you everywhere you go!

Can I Wear Cologne and Body Spray Together?

Yes, you can wear cologne and body spray together.

However, you must ensure they complement each other. Since a body spray has a mild scent, pairing it with a mild cologne won’t work.

To make the right fragrance combination, the cologne must possess a strong scent. When this happens, the body spray will serve as the base of the scent.

Final Words: Body Spray or Cologne?

Body spray and cologne are both great, although they work differently. As a result, choosing the best between them is difficult.

The best option is to wear both fragrances together. However, you must do it properly.

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