Can Men Use Lume? Here Is What You Need to Know! (Experiment)

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Lume is primarily a deodorant brand for women. But the scent is so good that a lot of men want to know if they can use it too.

Of course, you can too.

Can Men Use Lume too?

Can Men Use Lume

Lume is very proud its products can be used by both men and women:

Lume is unique because it was developed by a doctor to be safe for all external use. The best deodorant for men should be able to prevent odor all over the body, not just the armpits.

That is to say…

As long as you sweat, you can use the product. Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman.

Of course, there are lots of contendants for you as a male. Think Native deodorants, Dr. Squatch, etc.

But I’ve found a lot of reviews batching those and many people not taking to them.

So, if you find yourself dissatisfied with most of the other male-oriented deodorants, then Lume is worth considering.

Is Lume Safe to Use?

Yes, Lume Deodorant is totally safe to use. It’s healthy and not toxic. Moreover, it doesn’t contain aluminum and baking soda.

In fact, it’s often claimed to be the first whole-body deodorant that is safe for external use on feet, private area, and other areas of the body.

Lume Deodorants & Others

Aside from the deodorants, what else can you purchase from Lume as a man?

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Well, there are plenty of products to choose from, depending on your taste.

Under the deodorant category, you can choose from Lume’s solid or cream deodorants.

Then you can choose from their body care line, which includes soaps, body washes, and wipes.

A Short Review on Lume Deodorant

Now that you know about some of Lume’s products, it’s important to also know that the deodorant is the most popular.


Because it is aluminum and baking soda-free.

Moreover, you can use it on any part of your body without unpleasant residues (at least, that’s what Lume advertises).

Also, the brand claims you can enjoy up to 72 hours of odor-free and scent-free days after applying the deodorant.

Can You Buy Lume Products from the Website?

Yes, you can directly shop for any of Lume’s products directly from the website.

While at it, you can get free shipping (if you’re ordering from the US) when your total order is above $20.

Aside from the website, there are a couple of other places you can get it. The prominent one is Amazon.

If you’re familiar with Amazon, you know you can find almost anything there.

You can also find the products on Walmart, eBay, etc.

One thing that surprises me is that Lume isn’t as widely popular/available as I had thought.

Most of the other deodorants I’ve reviewed (mainly male-focused ones like Dr. Squatch) are available at Target, CVS, and whole other places.


As you can see, not only can men use Lume but it’s also one of the best out there. The scents may not be masculine.

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However, a lot of women have reported their husbands do use it and smell nice in it. And it’s not overly expensive.

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