Can You Eat Dr. Squatch Soap? Is that a Thing?

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You can’t eat Dr. Squatch Soap. All soaps, including Dr. Squatch’s, are not edible, so they are not suitable for consumption. If you, or anyone, mistakenly injest it, it’s vital to wash it off immediately to avoid stomach complications.

Can You Eat Dr. Squatch Soap? Is that a Thing?

You would think that a soap this natural, sweet, and well-loved is edible. And you’d be wrong. Dr. Squatch Soaps and any soap for that matter, aren’t/shouldn’t be edible.

These items contain substances that can upset even the most upright of stomachs. So, eating them is the last thing anyone wants to do.

Of course, you may have a cat or dog that may be too inquisitive. Or a child that’s just learning to eat things.

These are the ones you want to worry about. So, keep your Dr. Squatch soaps out of bound of animals and small children.

The first caveat for any soap or a general rule of thumb is to not eat it.

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Can Eating Dr. Squatch Soap Harm You?

According to this article by Healthline complications. on Sapophagia (the act of eating soap), most body soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are non-toxic.

However, the article warned having a bit out of any of them will indigestion, vomiting, and other complications. It won’t kill you.

But there are lots of chemicals in soap that’ll definitely disturb your stomach and make you lose your head if you’re not strong enough.

Other effects: You can experience nausea and diarrhea as confirmed by this 2019 study. This is because soaps contain very high alkaline pH, which will irritate the digestive tract.

This is not to say some soaps aren’t toxic. In fact, many are. Although it depends on the ingredients found in the soap. It’s best to avoid ingestion, whether toxic or no.

Ingredients in Dr. Squatch Soaps

Typical ingredients in Dr. Squatch soaps include:

Sodium Oleate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Shea Butter, Orange Essential Oil, (Pine) Fragrance, Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract, Oatmeal, Sand, Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Sea Salt

As you can see, this list is free from chemical components.

Is Dr. Squatch Chemical-free?

Fortunately, Dr. Squatch soaps are chemical-free. Dr. Squatch claims that all of their soaps are 98-100% natural, which means they’re made without harsh chemicals.

Therefore, the effect of mistakenly consuming them may not be as devastating as those of soaps with chemical components.

Why Children Are More Prone to Eating Your Dr. Squatch

Children still have very high curiosity at an early stage. In most cases, they want to take everything to their mouth either to taste it or ingest it.

I have seen this from far too many children so I always keep things like soaps far away from them.

If a child has pica, they can want to eat soap too, according to this German study from 2018. Is it normal? Of course not, it’s not normal. It has to be by mistake or in the case of children, ignorance.

Are there Edible Soaps?

I’ve not seen one, and I’ve seen a fair number myself. What about you? I’m not sure anyone will purposely make a soap that’s edible.

Are they going to sell it or gift it to people? If you’ve seen edible soaps before, please let’s know in the comment.

Is Dr. Squatch soap edible? It is not. The brand has a specific post letting customers know their soap is not edible.

can you eat dr. squatch soap

What to Do If Dr. Squatch Is Ingested?

The obvious, whoever eats it should be made to stop the eating. Then wash the mouth quickly with water.

If there is palm oil available, let the person drink it. I don’t know but palm oil works great for these things. That’s your first aid.

If there is a need, you can get in touch with a health professional for even more advice and recommendations. Also, whoever eats it may be disturbed for a couple of days.

Is Dr. Squatch Soap Good?

Yes, the brand’s soap is some of the best in the industry. Unfortunately, they’re quite expensive so they are not for everyone.

If you are used to buying 5-dollar soaps and cheaper, Dr. Squatch may not be for you. However, if you’re after the best and don’t mind spending a few more on your soap, then you’re going to like it.

The soaps clean well, and smells great, but are very small so it might not take long to finish a bar.

If you check many of the reviews on Dr. Squatch soaps, you’ll feel that people generally love the soap. Both in its effectiveness and scent. Where most people have a problem is the price…period.

There are also some theories and controversies surrounding Dr. Squatch. I cover that in another article.

Final Thoughts on Dr. Squatch Soaps

In summary: 

Can you eat Dr. Squatch soaps? No.

It’s best to keep the soap away from children and animals that may mistakenly ingest the soap. When consumed, it shouldn’t cause too many problems if stopped and treated immediately.

Fortunately, the soaps are natural without chemical substances. That should make it easy too.

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