Can You Put Baby Powder on Your Face? Yes…Here Is How!

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re super athletic or tend to a more quiet lifestyle, things tend to get sweaty and sometimes uncomfortable on your face.

Not to mention all the chafing that goes along with it!

This article addresses one possible solution: putting baby powder on your face as a way to provide some protection against some of that chafing and irritation.

Is Baby Powder Effective?

Yes, baby powder is effective in wicking moisture and preventing chafing and odors.

Some baby powders may be unscented but many smell like baby powder, which could leave you smelling….well, like a baby. Whether that’s something you are fine with is a personal decision.

Is It Safe to Put Baby Powder on Your Face?

Talc is the main ingredient in most baby powders and while talc itself is safe, it’s often found alongside asbestos which is known to cause cancer to people exposed to it.

Johnson & Johnson is no longer making baby powders that contain talc, just to be on the safe side.

If you’re still a bit leery and want to go the extra mile to this area, here’s a short list of alternatives you can use.

Alternatives to Baby Powder

  1. Face Powder. Basically the same thing as a baby powder but with a manlier name and scent. They provide a protective layer for your face skin and help prevent chafing. Fortunately, there are a lot of popular face powder brands.
  2. Face Deodorant. Face deodorant works basically the same way that face powder does. But it’s much less messy than powder and usually found in cream, lotion, or gel form though some are sprays. There are also popular brands for these too if you’re interested.
  3. Proper Hygiene. Deodorants and powders are very helpful but the most important and effective way of keeping down there clean and odorless is to clean it thoroughly. Use a washcloth and soap and make sure the region is well-scrubbed and rinsed then make sure you dry your private area completely before getting dressed.


Baby powder is a mostly safe and effective way to use to prevent unnecessary sweating and chafing.

The talc in some baby powders may put you at risk for cancer and there are many different alternatives to baby powder when it comes to keeping yourself dry and comfortable.

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