Can you use an electric razor in the Shower

Can you use an electric razor in the Shower?

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Electric shavers have grown considerably in popularity because they offer added convenience and other benefits. You might’ve switched from conventional razors to electric razors because you want to save money and shave more quicker. Although these products are great, there are certain downsides.

For instance, there is a risk that you won’t be able to use the razor in the shower. Can you use an electric razor in the shower? Ultimately, it depends on the electric razor you’re using. Some can be used in the shower while others should not be exposed to water. More about this will be provided below.

Shaving In The Shower

A lot of people love shaving in the shower while others want to shave in front of a mirror. Truthfully, there are benefits of shaving in the shower. If this is something that interests you, it is pertinent to pick an electric razor that can be used in the shower. When you shave in the shower, you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

The excess shaving cream will be washed down the drain. You’ll also be able to get rid of hair easier. You can also prepare your skin much easier when you shower and shave. The warm water will make it easier to cut your hair without hurting your skin.

It is usually quicker to shave in the shower and you can reduce the likelihood that you’re going to encounter skin irritation. Again, you need to pick a waterproof electric razor so you can shave in the shower.

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Issues With Shower Shaving

While shaving in the shower can be very beneficial, there are specific cons that should be noted. For instance, you have to remember that the water is going to hit your skin constantly. Your shaving cream might be washed away before it can be effective. When you’re shaving in the shower, you won’t always be able to see what you’re doing unless you have a mirror in your shower.

Even if you have a mirror, it will likely be hard to see due to the steam and humidity. Shaving in the shower isn’t for everyone even though it is the preferred choice for many.

Can Electric Shavers Be Used In The Shower?

Will you be able to use your electric shaver in the shower? Ultimately, it will depend on the model you’re using. When you begin looking for an electric razor, you need to read the package or description carefully. Doing so can help you quickly find out whether the shaver can safely be used in the shower.

Be sure to look for waterproof and similar words. If the shaver is waterproof, you can likely use it in the shower. If the razor has to be plugged into an electric outlet during use, there is a good chance that it cannot be used in the shower. Some electric razors can be used in the shower while others should not be exposed to water.

What Are The Risks?

Attempting to use an electric razor in the shower could lead to problems if the razor is not designed for this purpose. Again, some electric shavers are not meant to be used in the shower because they’re not waterproof. Certain electric razors have to be connected to an electric outlet. It might not have a battery. If this is the case, you should not use the razor in the shower.

Since it must be connected to an outlet, you might get electrocuted when using it in the shower. Some battery-powered electric razors are not waterproof so using them in the shower is a bad idea. If the electric razor is exposed to water, it may malfunction and stop working.

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Find out more about your razor before using it in the shower. Otherwise, you may end up destroying it or you might get hurt. The good news is that most electric razors are waterproof.

Is Your Electric Shaver Suitable For Shower Shaving?

Your electric shaver might be suitable for shower shaving. It depends on the characteristics of the razor and whether it was designed for this purpose. Before using it in the shower, you need to find out. Otherwise, you may destroy the product. If you still have the package, you should check it carefully. See if you can out whether the shaver is waterproof. If it is, you should be able to use it in the shower without issues.

When the package is missing, you’ll have to research the model. Check your receipt or purchase history to find out which model you have. Then, you should be able to use the model information to determine whether the razor is waterproof.

Again, don’t use the electric shaver in the shower until you’re certain that it can be used around water.

Should You Buy A Waterproof Electric Shaver?

Although it might be more expensive, it is still worth it to buy a waterproof electric shaver. Doing so will provide you with a handful of unique benefits that won’t be available with other models. For instance, you will always know that the razor can be exposed to water.

You don’t have to worry about getting it wet since water won’t destroy it. Plus, it’ll be much easier to clean the waterproof electric shaver. You can place it under the faucet to remove hairs and other debris. More importantly, you’ll be able to use the electric shaver in the shower.

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Shaving in the shower is very helpful so you should not hesitate to buy a waterproof electric shaver.

Waterproof Housing

The mere idea of shower and shaving simultaneously is just a dream for some people. What these individuals do not know is, there are electric shaver models designed to utilize in the tub.

Manufacturers like Braun have several electric razor models that can safely be exposed to water. The design includes a unique housing that protects the motor and other internal components from exposure to water.

The protective cap is sealed to prevent water from penetrating the interior compartment. The design seals all internal components, including the on/off switch, electric motor, rechargeable battery, and gear system.

No Submersible Models

It is crucial to note, not all electric shavers are waterproof. Some models are fully submersible while others are partially resistant to water. Fully submersible means the entire razor can withstand exposure to at least 18 inches (1-1/2 feet) of water.

Water-resistant models should not be submerged in water. The design allows consumers to rinse the blade. It is perfectly safe to place the blade under running tap water. The handle may or may not be sealed.

Shaving In The Shower And Impact

It is reasonable for consumers to be concerned about the integrity of their razors when exposed to water. It is also reasonable to be concerned about the quality of the shave. Does shaving in the shower impact the closeness of the shave? It depends on several factors, including the overall design of the razor.

Waterproof shavers are designed specifically for shaving in the shower. Since all the internal components are fully protected from water, the impact should be minimal at best.

Summary – Can You Use An Electric Razor In The Shower?

You may be able to use your electric razor in the shower. It generally depends on the type of electric razor you’ve purchased and whether it is waterproof. Some electric shavers cannot be exposed to water while others are submersible.

If you’ve bought a waterproof or submersible electric razor, you can likely use it in the shower without issues.

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