Can You Use Nair on Your Face?

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While facial hair is not a big deal to some people, others prefer a smooth and soft face.

If you have been using Nair hair removal cream on different areas of your skin, it is okay to wonder if it is safe for your face.

The answer is yes, Nair can be applied to the face provided it doesn’t touch the mouth and eyes.

Even though you can use Nair on the face, it is not without side effects.

Using Nair on the Face:

Can You Use Nair on Your Face?

It is safe to use Nair on your face. You can apply it to your moustache line, cheeks, and chin. This is because it doesn’t contain chemicals or substances that could potentially burn your face. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to use another method. Since Nair removes hair from the root, it may cause irritation or burning sensation if you have sensitive skin.

Read this article to find the pros and cons of using Nair on your face.

Pros of Using Nair on Your Face

The reasons why you should use Nair on your face are discussed below.

1. It Doesn’t Hurt

Removing facial hair through waxing can be quite painful. If you are one of those people who can’t stand such pain, Nair is for you.

While it removes hair from the root, it doesn’t cause any pain.

2. Keeps your Face Smooth and Soft

Nair removes your facial hairs, starting from their roots. When this facial hair is trying to grow back, you won’t find stubbles on your face.

It also contains certain ingredients that leave your face smooth and soft after every use.

3. It is Cheap

When compared to other facial hair removal options, Nair is cheaper. You can get a bottle for about $10 and use it for months.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have an expiry date.

Cons of Using Nair on Your Face

Below are the disadvantages of using Nair on your face.

1. Might Cause Discoloration and Burns

When applying Nair, you need to be careful so the chemicals it contains do not burn your skin.

This rule also applies when using Nair on your face.

In fact, the effect can be much worse if it occurs on the face. These burns will lead to discoloration that might never go away.

2. You Can’t Apply Products With Fragrances Within 24 Hours

After using Nair on your face, you need to wait for 24 hours to elapse before using products that have a fragrance.

These products might include creams and make-up. Furthermore, you are advised to avoid the sun within 24 hours after using Nair.

3. Not a Long-lasting Hair Removal Method

Within 7 days after using Nair on your face, you should expect to find new facial hairs. Unlike other facial hair removers, Nair doesn’t last long.

If you are in need of something more long-lasting, try waxing.

Do’s and Don’ts When Using Nair for Facial Hair Removal

Everybody makes mistakes. However, it is important you know that some mistakes are costly.

Making mistakes when using Nair on your face might cause temporary or permanent damage.

To prevent that, below are the do’s and don’ts when using Nair for removing facial hair.

  • Ensure the Nair hair removal cream is designed for the face before buying.
  • Avoid the sun within 24 hours after using the hair removal cream.
  • Be careful when using Nair so your face doesn’t become irritated, burnt, or discolored.
  • If you experience pain after applying Nair on your face, wash it off immediately.

Would your hair grow back thicker because of using Nair?

Here is what the brand has to say about hair growing back:

Does Nair™ make hair grow back thicker? Nope, Nair™ does not make hair grow back thicker. Other methods like shaving and waxing don’t either. In fact, waxing can have the opposite effect – following a regular waxing routine can cause hair to grow back finer than it was before.

There are many ways people remove unwanted body hair.

Hair removal or respiratory creams are the modern way of removing body hair. They offer easy and convenient ways of keeping hair at bay.

Nair is a brand that makes at-home hair removal products known as depilatories.

They seek to help people remove unwanted hair and free them from the shackles of razor cuts. A depilatory can be a cream, gel, or lotion.

While most people believe that depilatory cream results hold longer than razors, there’s also a belief that hair tends to grow back thicker.

This article will clarify these beliefs while providing an adequate answer to certain questions surrounding the use of Nair.

Does Nair Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Nair does not make hair grow back thicker. Nair products don’t affect the growth rate of hair or the thickness of the hair shaft.

Over time, Regular and frequent waxing makes hair grow thinner and finer without affecting the thickness.

However, as one grows, individual hair type and thickness might change with hormones, especially among teenagers.

While regrowth may come in thicker, it’s not due to Nair products, as hair tends to thicken naturally.

Does Nair Make Hair Grow Back Faster?

No, Nair does not make hair grow back faster. Nair products don’t affect the growth rate and the thickness.

So when you use their products and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin, you don’t need to worry that the hair will double in growth rate afterward.

How Does Nair Work?

Nair products contain ingredients capable of breaking hair bonds that give hair strength and structure.

When these bonds are broken, the hair will swell open and can be easily wiped or removed.

Nair’s active ingredients are Potassium thioglycolic acid, Calcium hydroxide, and Sodium hydroxide.

These chemicals destroy the keratin bonds that make up the hair.

The cream dissolves hair above and just below the skin surface. Hair and its root will turn into a jelly-like substance, then can be wiped off or removed.

The products are easy to use and offer a painless method of removing unwanted hair.

Will Nair Eventually Stop Hair Growth?

Nair products, like every other depilatory cream, do not remove hair permanently.

They are also not an option to reduce hair on a long-term basis. The chemicals work by dissolving the hair shaft and breaking down the Keratin.

Even though all the process happens under the skin surface, they do not move below the hair root. This means everything happens above the hair root.

How Long Does Nair Work?

The answer to this question is relative and depends on individual hair growth rates.

Generally, Nair products remove hair for about a week to a month. Nair removes the hair shaft and not the hair root.

The process is quite similar to shaving, except that razor is not used here, and there’s no risk of ingrown hair or cut.

So if you usually shave every week, you’ll likely have to use Nair every week too, with just a few day’s difference.

Is it better to shave or Nair your face?

According to the manufacturer, Nair works below the skin surface.

So when hair is removed through this method, it takes longer for the hair to grow back compared to shaving.

The brand also claims that it’ll exfoliate and make the skin super smooth.

If true, it means it might be more effective than shaving which works on the skin surface to remove hair.

Final Thoughts on Using Nair on Your Face

You can use Nair on your face. However, you need to be certain that the product is designed for the face.

Furthermore, you have to be careful during and after the application of Nair on your face.

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