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Does Shaving Bum Hair Reduce Sweat?

Yes, shaving bum hair can reduce sweat, especially if you’re overly hairy down there. They can aggravate sweat glands leading to the production of excess sweat. In addition, it can prevent sweat from evaporating, and may even trap unpleasant odors, so giving it a trim/shave/wax (whatever you prefer) can give your butt more room to […]

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Is Manscaping Hygienic? (Benefits Explained)

Yes, manscaping is extremely hygienic to your body because keeping hairs trimmed short down there helps in preventing and mitigating the growth of bacteria, as well as helps the body produce less sweat down there by making the groin area feel cooler and fresher with less hair covering the skin of your body. Manscaping refers […]

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Can You Use Foot Powder On Your Balls?

Yes, it should be safe enough to use foot powder on your balls. However, be extra cautious in using the extra-strong or medicated foot powders as these might be too extreme and cause a burning sensation down there. If we’re only talking about the safety of use, then foot powder can definitely be used on […]

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Why Do Guys Put Baby Powder On Their Balls?

Guys put baby powder on their balls because it is extremely useful in mitigating and preventing ball sweat, bad odor, as well as preventing skin chafing and irritation. The use of these powders down there is especially common for men who work in industries that require a lot of manual labor and standing under the […]

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How Often Should I Manscape featured picture

Does Manscaping Make You Look Bigger?

Yes, manscaping does make you look bigger because more of your manhood can be seen without all the pubic hair surrounding it. I will explain this in more detail as we go through the article. Manscaping and male grooming, in general, have become increasingly popular. But why? Well, the answer to this is varied, but […]

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