Dapper Yankee vs Dr. Squatch Soap: Which is Better?

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Natural soaps are growing in popularity nowadays.

More people seem to be realizing the many advantages that come with using this type of soap.

Just as regular exercises and healthy eating choices can help boost bodily health, natural soaps can do the same for the skin.

Synthetic soaps contain chemical substances, some of which can potentially penetrate the skin and harm the body.

Natural soaps made only from organic ingredients, on the other hand, do not present this danger.

In this article, we compare two of these natural soaps, namely Dapper Yankee soap and Dr. Squatch.

We aim to compare their individual qualities and then, determine which one is better.

Dapper Yankee vs Dr. Squatch Soap (Comparison)

dapper yankee vs dr. squatch


Apart from their cleansing function, the scent is also a key requirement for soaps in today’s soap markets.

Natural soaps are reputed for their wide variety of scents and flavor options.

Dapper Yankee boasts 15 soap flavor variants.

These range from Blue Tropics with its nice amberwood fragrance to the Citrus Blonde version with its orange scent.

Other options include the Fireside and Fresh Coast.

Dr. Squatch, on the other hand, has a range of over 10 different soap types, each one with a differing flavor and scent.

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These options include pine tar, bay rum, and fresh aloe, among other varieties.

The soaps, especially Pine Tar, are known for their distinctive tropical and masculine scents. Both soaps derive their scents from essential oils.


Product price is certainly a major factor that people have to consider when making shopping decisions.

Natural soaps generally come with bigger price tags than synthetic ones.

However, considering the advantages they bring in terms of health enhancement and quality, they are certainly worth the extra cost.

Dapper Yankee sells for $6-7 per bar of soap. Customers who live near the U.S.A. and place orders for 50 dollars or more worth of this soap enjoy priority shipping.

A bar of Dr. Squatch soap can be bought for 10 dollars on Amazon.

On the company’s website, however, this product sells for around $7. Dr. Squatch offers free shipping to customers who buy over $40 worth of their product.

So, technically, it’s not really cheap when you buy from the website. Especially if there are hidden charges.

Size and Longevity

Everybody wants soap bars that last long. However, natural soaps tend to get used up faster than synthetic ones.

Both Dapper Yankee and Dr. Squatch soaps weigh around five ounces on average. They both last for around three weeks.

However, factors such as regularity of use, number of users and type of water used in baths can determine the length of the soap bar’s life.

It is recommended to dry out the bars after every bath. Daddy Yankee produces and sells soap trays to help users do this effectively.

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Dr. Squatch and Dapper Yankee (Similarities)

Keeping the skin moist and hydrated protects it against breaking.

Dapper Yankee soap contains Shea Butter, which provides moisture for the skin. It also has saponified olive oil, which makes for easier absorption of oil into the skin.

Similarly, Dr. Squatch soap has both shea butter and olive oil in addition to Glycerin for the moisturizing effect.

For sensitive skin

The saponified olive oil contained in both soaps makes them perfect for soothing sensitive skin.

Soap Longevity

Both soaps contain organic palm oil which makes their soap bars harder to dissolve and therefore, longer lasting.

Dirt Removal

Coconut oil is contained in both Dapper Yankee and Dr. Squatch soaps. This serves as a cleanser, eliminating dirt from the skin.

Antibacterial Protection

Certain types of bacteria live on the human skin and can cause skin diseases.

Dapper Yankee’s coconut oil content acts against harmful microorganisms on the skin. Moreover, Dr. Squatch contains sea salt, which serves the same purpose.


Both soaps contain very similar ingredients, prices, and features. They only vary in terms of the range of flavors and scents available.

In our opinion, therefore, a choice between them can only be based on individual taste.

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