Does Native Deodorant Stain Clothes? What They Won’t Tell You!

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It’s a familiar scene. You put on your deodorants and you set out in the morning, happy and smelling good.

With your white shirt and well-knitted trousers, you’re ready to for the day.

After a couple of hours, you find yourself sweating due to the rigorous activity of the day. That’s no problem, your deodorant can take care of your underarms.

But there is one problem…

Sweat stains, that don’t go away easily, now surround the cloth covering your armpits.

They look bad…remember you’re wearing white? What can you do to avoid this problem?

Is it a problem with your deodorant or just the way your body reacts?

Well, there are certain brands that claim they have deodorants that’ll not only stop the sweat and smell of the armpits but also don’t stain clothes.

Native is one of them. Should you take their word for it? Let’s find out…

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All Natural, All Clear?

What once started as a niche, upcoming health and beauty brand has now quickly climbed the ranks to become a leading player.

The Native brand is centered around the belief that being natural doesn’t have to mean less effective.

With simple, easy-to-understand ingredients and natural fragrance, their flagship product of deodorant was an instant hit.

But those who haven’t made the switch yet to natural beauty might have some hesitation.

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Does Native deodorant stain clothes? Does it really help you stay fresh? We’ve got the answer (and something that Native may not tell you).

Does Native Deodorant Stain Clothes

Staying Dry

One of the best features of Native deodorant is how good it is for your skin.

It’s one of those things you don’t realize you’ve been missing until you experience it.

Traditional deodorants leave waxy build-ups under the arms, which can clog pores and lead to irritation.

Native deodorant doesn’t just sit on the skin, but bonds with it and moisturizes it as well.

By working with your body’s natural compounds and perspiration response, it effectively inhibits sweat and odor.

If you’re concerned about sweat stains, most users report no problem there.

But when it comes to stains from the deodorant itself, that could be a different story.

Color Transfer

While Native is free of most harsh chemicals and dyes, you will notice a slight color variation between scents.

The Charcoal scent, for instance, has a light grey color.

This grey color can in fact transfer to clothes, especially if you are prone to sweating. Most scents have little to no color, however.

Coconut vanilla, one of their best-selling, original scents, often has a slightly yellowish tone to it.

If you wear a stark white shirt, you might notice a stain after a while.

Native isn’t a true invisible solid deodorant like other brands on the market, but it’s just a small price to pay for the natural ingredients.

Is Native Hiding a Secret?

Few (if any) users report staining from their Native deodorant.

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In the case of white streaks on darker color shirts, it’s possible you could see some discoloration, but unlikely.

Want to know the fan-favorite secret that hasn’t made it to HQ yet?

It seems that when applied to an area, Native’s solid formula interacts with body heat and becomes pretty much transparent.

This means you can apply the deodorant and let it settle for a moment before throwing on a light or dark shirt.

It will give the deodorant time to react to your skin and become transparent, thereby avoiding any stains.

This works so well, it’s a wonder Native doesn’t know about it yet. Or perhaps, they’re keeping it a secret from, say… Secret!

What has your experience been with Native deodorant? Does it leave stains for you? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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