Does Witch Hazel Expire?

Depending on your family background growing up, Witch Hazel may or may not have been a very common occurrence in your home.

For many people, Witch Hazel is a topical astringent medication that is said to help with a number of ailments, ranging from bruises, acne, swelling, skin sagging, and even as a way to stop or slow bleeding.

While many people have put out claims that it can help with internal disease and illnesses, like tuberculosis, tumors, or even cancer, there isn’t a lot of science that backs them up.

Witch Hazel is often in either a liquid or a cream-based form and is made from several ingredients that are found in nature. For most people,

Witch Hazel is most commonly seen in its watery form. This has ultimately resulted in people not quite sure whether the topical medication has an actual expiration date.

In this overview, we’ll go over Witch Hazel, its ingredients, and whether or not it can expire as well as if it can, how long you’ll have before needing to replace it.

What is In Witch Hazel?

As mentioned earlier, Witch Hazel is an all-natural astringent medicine that is used topically to reduce skin-based injuries and irritation. Each bottle is made with distilled water and the extract from dried leaves, bark, and witch hazel twigs.

Can Witch Hazel Go Bad?

The simple answer is yes, Witch Hazel can expire.

In fact, in most cases, you can expect it to expire after around two years.

If your particular brand includes alcohol as one of its ingredients, this may extend its life for a few months, but the easiest way to think about it is that you’ll need a new bottle every two years.

If you want to be sure, most bottles will have an expiration date on either the lid or near the Universal Product Code (UPC). It may also be near the barcode at the bottom of the bottle.

Ultimately, if you want to be sure if your bottle of Witch Hazel has expired, you can always check its color and its smell.

While Witch Hazel will naturally have a clear appearance while smelling a bit like root beer, Witch Hazel that has expired will often have a yellowish tint while smelling somewhat “off”.

Lab-Made Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel that is made in a lab can often have a much longer shelf life due to them often having preservatives and chemicals that can extend their lifetime.

In these cases, they may be able to last upwards of five years before expiring. Even still, many of the same tests to verify its safety still apply.

Can You Use Expired Witch Hazel?

Simply put, no.

Expired Witch Hazel can cause your skin to suffer even worse conditions as a result of using it. That is often because many of its useful traits and qualities, which were once an assistant to your body’s natural health, have now become a poison.

All in all, it’s simply better not to risk it.

If you find a bottle of Witch Hazel in your medicine cabinet that you haven’t used in a while, just look it over and see if there’s an expiration date. If it’s passed its expiration, just throw it out and get a new bottle from the store.

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