Every Man Jack Cedarwood and Sandalwood

Every Man Jack Cedarwood and Sandalwood Review

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Every Man Jack, which literally means “everyone without exception,” is a well-known line of SPF and skincare products for men that were established more than 15 years ago by Ritch Viola. They produce men’s care items that are inexpensive, efficient, and natural. It’s a well-shaped brand of men’s products worth the price. It’s not really groundbreaking but it’s safe, pleasing, and mixes well with your fresh-out shower, beard and skincare products. You could initially believe that it won’t be that good due to their cheap price. But they are surprisingly pleasant and you won’t really regret paying for these products.

The only factor most males actually consider when selecting a deodorant or body wash is their aroma. A good and satisfying scent is definitely the first priority when picking body care products. Some people may be allergic to some kind of smell or fragrance. It’s really important to first examine whether the given product goes with your requirement or not. The fragrance of skin care products and body washes do affect the mood and behaviour of people. The fragrance one’s using sometimes also determines the character of a person’s well-being. The great scents leave you smelling better. So, it’s a no-brainer choice for many guys to go for the best fragrance.

Types of Every Man Jack fragrances

The Every Man Jack produces mainly two types of fragrances: Cedarwood and Sandalwood. They are two completely different scents.

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What does Every Man Jack cedarwood smell like?

Cedarwood along with Cypress, citrus peel, and vetiver make up cedarwood fragrance. Citrus peel and cypress give off a sharpness at the beginning that lingers for a while before giving way to pure cedarwood in the dry down. Although vetiver is one of the components, it is not particularly detectable. It simply blends along with another odour towards the back. You get a lot of cedarwood drawdown. Opening with cypress and citrus peel, there is a brief transitional period before it is all base and cedarwood. The fragrance is not particularly complicated. Up until it reaches the very dry down where there is only cedarwood, it is fairly linear. It is a type of fragrance that is bolder, more assertive, and sharper. It costs twenty dollars and lasts for roughly 5 to 6 hours. It has a very strong forecast for the first 30 minutes.

What does Every Man Jack Sandalwood smell like?

Sandalwood, vetiver, amber, and vanilla make up the sandalwood fragrance. Only a very faint touch of amber is present; the major flavours are creamy sandalwood and vanilla. Sandalwood with a strong scent is really pleasant to smell. The sandalwood and vetiver both contribute a slight sweetness to the scent. It has a subtle, delicate, mellow, slightly earthy aroma and is quite understated. Like cedarwood, it lasts for about 5 to 6 hours. In the first 30 minutes, it is loud but not particularly sharp. The projector is not heavy after all. It will become slightly creamy, earthy, and cosy as it settles. It is therefore rather near to the skin..

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Is Sandalwood a masculine smell?

The dryness of the balsamic and other woody notes gives sandalwood, which is frequently mistakenly thought of as a women’s aroma, gives it a distinctly masculine feel, too, making it an androgynous scent that is adored by all.

Every Man Jack Cedarwood vs Sandalwood

Sandalwood and cedarwood are both excellent and well-worth smells. They both come from woody trees, and they both have a grounding, relaxing woodsy fragrance. While Cedarwood comes from evergreen Cedrus trees, Sandalwood is derived from the Santalum genus of deciduous trees (cedar tree). The two are distinct species even though they can be found in some of the same forests. While sandalwood smells sweet, creamy, and relaxing, cedarwood has a strong, sour aroma. When you have a seasonal cold, use sandalwood oil, and for headaches, use cedarwood oil. But they are both anti-inflammatory in nature. Sandalwood may be utilised in cooler conditions, whereas cedarwood can be used in warmer climates. They are both the perfect complement to perfumes and essential oils. The biggest distinction between them is the stark difference in their aroma nature, which stands for completely different personalities.

Sandalwood Pros

  • It is antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.
  • Sandalwood from Australia is excellent for perfumes.
  • Their oils offer comfort for sore throats and aid in the improvement of cold symptoms.
  • When studying or working on certain tasks, it can assist in increasing focus and attention.
  • In Ayurveda, sandalwood oils are also utilised for conditions including wound healing.
  • It promotes peace and relaxation.
  • It encourages constructive thinking, increases clarity, and improves focus.
  • They are effective in battling anxiety, despair, and jitters.
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Cedarwood Pros

  • Cedarwood is a multifaceted essential oil
  • It can be applied to treat skin issues like acne.
  • There are several uses for cedarwood essential oil.
  • It facilitates breathing and aids in mind-calming.
  • It possesses anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is used to give flower mixtures a woodsy base scent.
  • The tension and stress that frequently cause headaches might be lessened with the aid of Cedarwood Texas.
  • Physical illnesses including tight muscles and joint pain can be treated in Cedarwood, Virginia.
  • It contributes to better skin appearance.
  • It is additionally applied to indoor plants as a pesticide.

Cedarwood and Sandalwood Ingredients

Cedarwood is made of Cedarwood along with a few percent of cypress, citrus peel and vetiver whereas Sandalwood comprises vetiver, amber and vanilla along with sandalwood as major components.

Do cedar and sandalwood go together?

Sandalwood, which is one of the most popular candle scents, mixes beautifully with cedarwood. Essentially, sandalwood has a mellow, warm aroma that blends well with the camphorous vibe of cedarwood.


The Every Man Jack products are not a must grab but you will undoubtedly love utilising them. Sandalwood is more subdued whereas Cedarwood is more harsh and sharp. The majority choose Sandalwood. Everyone, though, has a unique nature and product preference. You might enjoy the mild, sweet scent of sandalwood, or you might be drawn to the sharper, tangier, and fresher scent of cedarwood. So, you may simply try it out to see if it’s right for you.. Give it a spray, you might end up liking these fragrances and it will definitely be worth the price.


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