Gillette Silver Blue Discontinued: What Are Alternatives?

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Gillette is the poster child for safety razors.

Popular for modern cartridge razors and shaving cream, Gillette has made a name for itself in the razor industry for decades.

Today, the shaving giant has a wide range of products, from custom razors to blade refills and shaving sets.

One of the top-tier products of the Boston-based company is Gillette Silver Blue. Gillette Silver Blue ticks all the right boxes in terms of smoothness, sharpness, quality, durability, and precision.

The leading company has discontinued the production of this product. With Gillette Silver Blue halted, what are other razor blade alternatives?

Other Alternatives to Gillette Silver Blue

Feather Razor Blades

This is undisputedly the highest quality and sharpest blade on the market. Furthermore, its high performance and durability are unrivaled in the shaving community.

Its sharpness makes feather razor blades suitable for veteran wet shavers. Those with sensitive skin are advised against using it.

Feather razor blades are relatively cost-effective and can last up to 15 days, depending on the use.

When used on the skin, it leaves the skin soft and smooth. While feather blades may seem too sharp for some individuals, there’s rarely any bad review about the product.

Wilkinson Sword Safety Razor Blades

Wilkinson Sword, another alternative to Gillette Silver Blue, has lived up to its name as a sharp double edge razor blade.

Unlike Feather, Wilkinson Sword is less sharp and aggressive on the skin.

The German-made product has premium quality and is less irritable on the skin if shaving is done correctly. While you can have 5 shaves with this, its sharpness reduces slightly after each shave.

Shark Super Chrome Double Edge Razor Blade

A product of the foremost company, Lord Company, Shark Super Chrome seems like an excellent choice for men that shave daily.

This razor blade is mild and gentle on the skin compared to the former. This might not be a good option for men with thick, coarse facial hair.

The name ‘Super Chrome’ is derived from its chrome-plated design. Shark Super Chrome boasts the smoothest option in the men’s razor industry.

Men with less facial hair and soft hair will enjoy shaving with this razor blade.

Personna “Lab Blue” Double Edge Blades:

Personna blades offer a blend of smoothness and sharpness that suits many beginners.

This razor blade is sharp enough for a newbie to achieve a new shave without making mistakes or harming themselves.

Available in a pack of 100, the Personna blade does not tug at hair follicles.

The blade glides along the surface, giving you a smooth, clean shave without any irritation. Personna blade is suitable for all hair types, hair thicknesses, and textures.

Final Words on Gillette Silver Blue

Feather, Personna, Wilkinson Sword, and Shark Super Chrome are good alternatives to Gillette Silver Blue. These razor blades vary in smoothness, sharpness, and quality.

While Feather is for advanced shavers, Wilkinson is suitable for medium shavers. In choosing the right blade, you should consider the degree of sharpness, skin type, and hair type.

This will guide your choice selection.

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