Gillette Trac II Discontinued: What Other Choice Do You Have?

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Gillette Trac II has been discontinued around 2009 and many people have been devastated, finding it difficult to contain the news.

Now in 2022, 11 years later, many people are still after the iconic razor. Why wouldn’t be when it’s such a lovely product.

Unfortunately, you can’t do more than move on. In this article, we look at some of the reasons why the Gillette Trac II was discontinued, if you can still get one now (and where), and possible alternatives.

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Has It Truly Been Discontinued?

As mentioned above, Gillette no longer manufactures the Trac II. Your best bet is to look for alternatives, as the Trac 2 are not only hard to find but also very expensive.

Why Was the Trac 2 Discontinued?

No one knows for sure. But there are a lot of theories surrounding discontinuation. One of the potent ones is a simple marketing stunt from Gillette.

Though Trac II was a best-seller, the price point isn’t sustainable.

Now that the brand has a lot of other high-priced models, it needs to divert attention there. And stopping the production of the Trac II is at least a possible option.

Again, that could be wrong. Gillette has never explained the reason behind stopping the production. While it’s surprising for those looking from outside, some internal dynamics may be why the brand discontinued it.

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Where Can I Buy the Gillette Trac II?

There are plenty of places to shop for the Gillette Trac II. Before buying, you should understand that these products are scarce, still in demand, and as a result may be very expensive.

Secondly, make sure you’re buying from reputable brands. Many of these online stores don’t monitor sellers with tight scrutiny so it’s your responsibility to do that before buying.

Here are links to where you can get it:

1. Gillette Trac II Refill Cartridge

2. Gillette TRAC II Plus Men’s Razor Blade Refills

What Are Gillette Trac II Alternatives?

Much like many best-selling products, the discontinuation of the Gillette Trac II didn’t ebb the demand for the product. A lot of people still look for it, even though it’s now scarce and more expensive than before.

While it’s hard to find a close replacement for the Gillette Trac II, some people have found a good choice in the Vintage Gillette Razors.

People also experimented with using Gillette Trac 2 cartridge with other razor blades like the Personna and Dorco, which gives a close shave. Also, if you’re willing to pay the price, there are plenty of options on places like eBay.

The only problem with these alternatives is that they may not last as long as a Trac II Plus. At some point, people used to source for other options but that site is now down.

This is usually what happens when good products go to their demise. And there is nothing we can do about it.

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Other alternatives:

What to Do When a Product Is Discontinued

No matter how a brand wants to satisfy its customers, the ultimate goal is to make a profit. A brand operating on loss is going to close down eventually. So, all brands try to squeeze out as much profit as possible. So, if your favorite brand discontinued a product you love, the next step isn’t to petition the brand. You can try as much as you can to get the business to bring back the discontinued product. However, what you should (and can do) is limited to:

  • Buy as many of the products as you can. You know the product is not coming back and once you exhaust what you have, you can’t go back to restock the same product. You’ll have a lot of time to test new brands and even get used to new ones. The goal here is to allow yourself time to adjust.
  • Be economical with the product. This is important. The more economical you are the longer the product lasts. It’ll eventually finish but you want to enjoy the little as long as possible.
  • Hunt for replacements. The two steps above corroborate this. As you manage the discontinued product, look for alternatives. Are there close substitutes? Can you make some adjustments or combinations to get a similar experience?
  • Resign to fate. Now, this is important. Teach yourself to accept that this product is gone and not coming back. The faster you clear your mind, the easier to find/accept a replacement.
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I’ve used some of these rules to help myself out of liking a product that was discontinued by the manufacturer. Even though some are too dear to forget in a hurry, you’ll eventually come out with a possible alternative.

Manscipated – Frequently Asked Questions

When Did the Gillette Trac 2 Come Out?

The Gillette Trac 2 is the first of its kind, appearing first in 1971.

According to Gillette, the double-blade razor is a step above the one-blade razor. The extra blade reduces the number of strokes you need for a clean shave, reducing the irritation of the skin.

Did Gillette Lose Sales After the Discontinuation?

What would you expect? A lot of loyal customers were pissed and many probably converted to other brands. But this is quite common with big companies.

They stop the production of products, even if it’s one of the best sellers, for whatever reason. The numbers to the volume of sales the brand lost are unclear.

Is A 2 Blade Razor Good?

There is nothing wrong with a 2 blade razor. In essence, it’s good. I’ve used both 1 and 2 blade razors before and found the 2 blade razor to be superior. If you’re currently using 1 blade razor, try the double razor.

If you’re satisfied, stick with or interchange between the two. Some dermatologists have suggested sticking with razors with no more than two blades to avoid nicks and cuts.

Does Gillette Still Make Trac II Razor Blade?

Gillette no longer makes the Trac II razor. However, you should be able to buy from many places like Walmart, Amazon, and a couple of other big retail sites.

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