How Long Does Duke Cannon Soap Last?

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Duke Cannon is a famous men’s grooming products brand.

Their products are specifically tailored for men providing masculine scents and sizes.

From many popular reviews, their products give men an irrevocable man card with a masculine scent that’s not too overpowering.

They allegedly make products that find a balance between barely-there scent and way-too-much scent.

Based on popular reviews, it’s safe to conclude Duke Cannon makes one of the best soaps for men with how great they cleanse even the sweatiest of guys.

However, what’s more captivating about their products is the large size.

The products are so large that some customers claim they can barely hold them. Fortunately, the bars produce enough suds that they don’t have to come in direct contact with every dirty bit.

With how big these soaps tend to be, it’s not surprising that most inquiries prospective customers make are about how long the soaps can last.

In this article, we’ll provide an answer to this question.

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How Long Does Duke Cannon Soap Last?

The answer to this question is relative. It largely depends on how often you use it, your body size, and how dirty you used to be.

If we give an estimate, we’ll say the soaps last between months or more on twice-per-day usage. Regarding longevity, Duke Cannon soaps indeed have value for the money.

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Do you care for a trick? Duke Cannon soaps also tend to last longer when you cut the soap bars into halves.

“The Big Brick of Soap” can last two months of vigorous scrubbing that removes any dirt, grime, or mortal sin.

What is Duke Cannon’s soap made out of?

Duke Cannon makes varieties of soaps. So the ingredients may vary across each.

Generally, Duke Cannon makes use of natural and synthetic ingredients that work together to cleanse the body thoroughly.

A wide range of their soaps is tagged “The no-nonsense bars'” which means they can clean even the dirtiest grime of the body.

However, their products are free of harmful chemicals, including parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other allergens.

Duke Cannon products do not include animal-derived ingredients and synthetic dyes in their fragrances.

Does Duke Cannon Soap Exfoliate?

Yes, Duke Cannon soap exfoliates but not all their products. Duke Cannon specifically made an exfoliating soap- Duke Cannon’s Thick Exfoliating Shower Soap with exclusive ingredients and higher viscosity.

The product is formulated to exfoliate the body effectively. It contains an aquatic scent that combines notes of fresh water, bergamot, and open-air with higher viscosity 3-4x. The soap has a Naval supremacy scent.

The plant extracts offer antioxidant protection, and the mineral components are in quartz to exfoliate the body naturally.

Is Duke Cannon Soap Natural?

Duke Cannon mostly makes natural-based soap but sometimes uses artificial ingredients.

Their soaps are often a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients. Their website listed mainly natural ingredients but contains some synthetic compounds also.

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Duke Cannon claims that they usually add synthetic ingredients to meet manufacturing requirements.

However, the amount of these ingredients is lesser compared to other conventional soaps.

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