How Often Should You Replace Your Razor Cartridge?

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Razor blades can be very expensive, and no one likes spending more money than they really need to for cartridge replacements.

On the other hand, no one really likes the feeling of tugging or nicking when shaving either.

This then begs the question:

How many shaves should you expect to get out of a cartridge razor?

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How Many Shaves per Razor Cartridge?

While modern razors are designed to last for between 5-10 shaves, there is really no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to replacing your razor cartridges. For some, this range might be reasonable, for others, this might be too soon or too late.

It all comes down to your personal routine (i.e. how often you shave) and how thick your beard is. Those who shave daily or have thicker hair may notice that their blades go dull much faster than those who only shave three times a week.

At the end of the day, knowing how often to replace your razor blades is about using your best judgment. As a general rule, any tugging, nicking, or rusting is a sign that it’s time to change out your blade.

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Another obvious indicator is if your skin is sore or inflamed after shaving. You can avoid this issue entirely if you replace your blade before irritation begins.

Making Your Blades Last Longer

There are a few basic things you can do to extend the life of your blades and get more value from them.

During and after the shave, always rinse the razor head with hot water. This decreases the amount of hair, soap, and dead skin left on the blade, or in the case of multi-blade razors, between the blades.

Debris buildup in blades can cause them to blunt more quickly, so making sure your razor is always kept clean and washed is essential in making your blades last longer.

In addition, be generous in applying shaving soap, gel, or cream on your face to allow your razor to cut more easily and with less friction or resistance. More friction dulls down the blade quicker so doing this should further help in extending the life of your blades.

Lastly, make sure to store your razor outside of the shower to reduce the risk of any rust, then place it in an upright position, allowing it to dry completely.

How to Reduce the Cost per Blade of Cartridge Razors

You can only do so much before eventually needing to replace your razor blades. The good news, however, is that there is a way to reduce your cost per blade when buying cartridge razors.

If you shave regularly anyway and have some spare cash, then the best way to save money is by buying cartridges in bulk. This is because larger blade refill packages will result in a lower cost per blade.

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Let me illustrate this to you in the table below, using the Gillette Fusion and the Schick Hydro as my examples:

RazorQuantityPricePrice per Blade
Gillette Fusion54$17.00$4.25
Gillette Fusion58$24.00$3.00
Gillette Fusion512$34.00$2.83
Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Sensitive 55$20.99$4.20
Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Sensitive 517$39.80$2.34

As shown in the table above, there are significant savings for buying in bulk. For the Gillette Fusion5, there is a drop of $1.42 per blade when buying the 12 pack versus just the pack.

This is a big difference, especially if you shave daily or even every other day.

Wrapping Up

When it comes down to it, there is no specific number of shaves, but if you notice any tugging, irritation, or rust on your razor blades, replace them right away so you can avoid any undesired nicks.

You need to take proper care of the blades to extend its life as much as possible.

Finally, consider buying razor cartridges in bulk to save money.

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