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How to Prevent Sweaty Balls

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Sweaty balls are annoying. But do you know what is even more annoying? Sweaty, smelly balls.

If you’ve got this problem (or for some reason you’re simply curious about its solution), fear no more because this article is going to completely get you sorted out.

What’s the quick and fast answer regarding how to prevent sweaty balls?

  • Wash and lightly scrub your boys daily
  • Apply the right kind of body powder in the morning
  • Avoid applying the wrong body powders
  • Wear breathable briefs

That’s the quick and fast answer.

Do you want details?

Why Your Balls Sweat

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You probably already know that your body sweats as a means to cool off your internal temperature. That gets too high and then you’ve got some pretty serious problems.

What you really want to know is why your balls sweat and end up producing an unpleasant odor, because that’s really the big problem here.

The reason is skin folds.

And if you haven’t noticed, your boys (at times) are often covered in them.

What happens is this:

  1. Your down there has a plethora of apocrine sweat glands. These are sweat glands that produce both sweat and musk.
  2. All those skin folds covering your balls end up rubbing up against each other all day, causing dead skin cells to fall off.
  3. All those dead skin cells mix with all that sweat and musk that is being produced by the apocrine glands, causing all sorts of yeast-like bacteria to flourish and thrive.
  4. And that produces that disgusting funky smell that can emanate from your private region.
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That’s really the long and the short of it.

The bottom line is that unless you can magically remove all those skin folds, and somehow stretch your boys so that the skin that covers them never rubs up against itself, you simply have to focus on preventing this from happening.

Here is how to do it.

Avoid Talc

Talc is awesome.

It does a fantastic job of soaking up excess moisture and at the same time masking and eliminating any odours.

So why avoid the stuff?

It’s simple. Talc, in its natural form, is often situated in places also containing lots of asbestos. Thus, when it is mined it is often mixed with it.

Now, through more stringent quality control virtually all traces of asbestos have been eliminated, but there is that element.

Furthermore, there have been several inconclusive studies linking the use of talcum powder and to cancer, especially in women. Check out this eye-opening article here.

So, wait, if these studies were inconclusive, why worry?

And the answer to that is, why even take the chance. Why even take a chance in potentially applying some asbestos-tainted talc that somehow missed quality control on your balls.

Why even take a chance in applying a product that at least some studies have shown may be linked to an increased cancer risk.

You just don’t need to.

But, there’s something else you need to avoid.

Avoid Products With Lots of Ingredients

Let’s perform a super quick experiment.

  • Zin stearate
  • Benzyl salicylate​​​​​​
  • Citronellol
  • Geranoiol
  • Zinc oxcide
  • Hydroxitronelul
  • Limonene
  • Linalool

Do you know what any of these ingredients are?

Are they natural? Are they synthetic? Man-made? Thrown together for purposes of consistency or fragrance?

The real question is, would you feel comfortable with a product using a lot of ingredients, many of which are undoubtedly created in a lab somewhere, applied and rubbed deep into the skin of your balls?

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If you’re like me, I doubt it.

Thus, it’s not good enough to merely avoid talc, you need to also avoid as many synthetic ingredients as possible, just to be safe.

Naturally, that begs the question:

We need a product that can soak up excess moisture, eliminate ball odor before it occurs and at the same time, it needs to not contain talc or any synthetic ingredients.

What’s that product?

Apply the Right Kind of Body Powder

Any type will do, but ideally, I would recommend that it meets the following conditions:

  • Contains no talc
  • Contains only minimal ingredients (the fewer, the better, especially when applying things to your boys)
  • Contains only all-natural ingredients (no synthetics)
  • Does not contain fragrance (the body powder will eliminate any odour all on its own)

The body powder will it help eliminate or at least reduce moisture and sweat.

It will also eliminate any odor and kill any bacteria before it has a chance to start munching on all those dead skin cells.

If you’re wondering why I recommend a scent-free version, instead of any particular fragrance, it is because sometimes men can experience a strange skin irritation effect if they apply any product containing menthol to their balls.

However, this is really up to the individual.

But what about all those products that are specifically designed for sweaty balls?

I’m talking about products like “Comfy Balls” and the like. These are products that typically come in a squeeze or spray bottle that you apply, almost like a paste, and rub into your balls to prevent odour and sweat.

While these may work for some men, I just don’t think they are necessary 9 times out of 10.

Firstly, a lot of these products turn into paste throughout the day, especially the products that aren’t a powder but already a type of paste that you are supposed to rub into your skin.

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Secondly, they tend to contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients that I would rather not apply down there to begin with.

Thirdly, and perhaps more importantly, you can simply get a lot more out of an ordinary body powder designed for men than you can with something that is specifically designed to apply to your balls and your balls only.

An all-natural body powder does a fantastic job of preventing sweaty, smelly balls and serving multiple purposes, covering up odor and preventing sweat elsewhere.

But, there’s 1 more thing you need to do to utterly stop sweaty, smelly balls in their tracks completely.

Wear Breathable Briefs

Wear breathable, odor-eating briefs that do not constrict your balls.

Remember earlier when I said that the culprit behind your sweaty, smelly balls was all that sweat mixing with all those dead skins underneath your skin folds?

Thus, ideally your balls would be in an environment where they aren’t constricted, where they are free to hang, while having some type of support.

Breathable briefs

So, what you want to avoid is wearing any type of thick, non-breathable underwear that bunches your boys up.

Boxers are one way to do this, but there is a better solution in my opinion.

Grab a pair or two of micro-mesh breathable sports briefs. They won’t hitch up like boxers do, and they also do a fantastic job of letting your boys breathe, while providing tons of support.

Remember, you want to totally destroy any chances of your balls sweating, slipping and sliding all over each other in any type of dark, humid environment where bacteria can feast unhinged.

So, follow these simple steps:

  • Wash and lightly scrub any dead skin cells on your balls daily
  • Apply all natural, talc-free body powder to your balls in the morning
  • Wear breathable, micro-mesh briefs if possible
  • And you too can totally prevent sweaty, smelly balls.

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