How to Cut Hair with Clippers?

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You must think How to Cut Hair with Clippers?

Using clippers to cut hair is a terrific method to put together a chic appearance at home. You can quickly make crisp, even cuts that appear professional with the correct clippers and a few straightforward techniques. In this article, we’ll go over the fundamentals of clipper haircutting and offer some advice on how to achieve the greatest results.

1. assemble all the tools you’ll need, including a cape, clippers, scissors, and combs.

2. Put on the cape and make sure the individual whose hair you are cutting has it tightly wrapped around their neck.

3. Use a comb to check that the hair is clear of tangles and knots.

4. Begin clipping away at the sides and back of your head while maintaining the natural contour of your head, starting with the longest guard size on your clippers. Upgrading to smaller guard sizes will help you achieve the required length.

5. After getting the sides and back to be the same length, cut the edges with scissors to give the hairline a neat appearance.

6. If desired, style sections with clippers, such as the region around the ears or the neckline.

7. For a polished finish, use a comb to smooth out any uneven spots that could have been overlooked when cutting or styling.

Preparing to Cut Hair with Clippers

It might be pretty daunting to cut hair with clippers, but it doesn’t have to be! You can learn the art of clipper haircutting and get salon-quality results with the appropriate clippers and a few easy techniques. Make sure you have the proper equipment before you begin clipper haircutting. It’s important to choose the appropriate clippers for the task because they come in a range of sizes and designs. You’ll also need a comb to assist direct your clipper job, along with some shears or scissors.

Once you are set with all of your equipment, it is time to get your client’s hair ready for cutting. If necessary, start by soaking the hair, then divide it off with a comb. This will let you cut with clippers and achieve uniform, reliable results. In order to prevent the scalp from becoming itchy during the haircutting procedure, you should also apply a pre-shave product such as oil or cream. The length of your client’s hair might be clipped short or long depending on the guard size you choose for your clipper blades. Once everything is set up, you may start cutting.

Types of Clippers and Blades

Blades and clippers are necessary grooming equipment for both people and animals. The best option depends on the task at hand and is available in a number of sizes, styles, and materials. Here are some of the most often used clipper and blade kinds.

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Electric Clippers

Electric clippers are made to rapidly and easily cut through hair. They may be used in busy barbershops or grooming salons since they can be powered by electricity or batteries. They are available in corded and cordless varieties, with the latter frequently having greater power. Electric clippers may be used for a number of things, such as shaving facial hair, trimming beards, and cutting bangs.

Manual Clippers

For individuals who want a more conventional approach to grooming, manual clippers are ideal. The blades of these clippers are activated manually by pulling a trigger. Two blades one on top and one on bottom of manual clippers normally may be changed according to the desired length of the cut. Animals like horses or cattle can be clipped by hand as well.

Straight Razors

Since they have been used for centuries, straight razors are still widely used by barbers in the industry. The single blade of a straight razor is kept open by an armature at the end of the handle. To keep these razors sharp enough to cut through hair without leaving nicks or wounds on the skin, they must be meticulously sharpened before each use. Straight razors may be used to trim longer hairs on both people and animals, as well as to shave facial hair.

Safety Razors

For people who are unfamiliar with using straight blades, safety razors provide a safer alternative to straight razors. Because there is less chance of self-cutting while using safety razors than straight razors, they are often designed with a single-blade head and changeable cartridges. For people who don’t want to spend time honing their razor before each use, safety razors are the best option because they require less honing than straight blades do.


Another crucial instrument in a barber’s toolbox is a pair of scissors, which may be used to precisely shape or trim the hair in addition to totally cutting it off. Small nail scissors up to huge shears made for rapidly and accurately cutting thick hair are available in a variety of sizes. Professional barbers frequently choose shears with larger blades and longer handles because they provide them with more control over their cuts and relieve hand stress during prolonged grooming sessions.

Choosing the Right Comb for Hair Length

To make sure you are taking good care of your hair, it is crucial to select the proper comb for the length of your hair. The appropriate comb helps keep your hair looking manageable and healthy. Different types of combs can be better for you depending on the length of your hair. For instance, a wide-tooth comb may be helpful if you have short hair since it might assist to lessen any tangles or knots. A medium-tooth comb should be used to comb through medium-length hair in order to distribute the product evenly and maintain a clean appearance. Depending on the desired aesthetic and level of control required, longer hair should be combed with either a wide-tooth or a fine-tooth comb. A fine-tooth comb may offer more control and definition while a wide-tooth comb can assist add a little volume and texture.

No matter what kind of comb you use, it’s critical to always use soft strokes to prevent breaking or damage to your hair. Before brushing, employing a detangler spray will also make the procedure simpler and more efficient. Last, but not least, it’s crucial to make sure that your combs are tidy and clear of any debris or filth that can wind up becoming tangled in your hair. Your hair may seem healthy and gorgeous with the appropriate maintenance and the perfect kind of comb for the length of your hair.

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Tools Needed

Make sure you have the required equipment before setting up your clipper. These can contain pliers, scissors, and a screwdriver. For some models, an Allen wrench may also be required. These resources will make the procedure simpler and faster.


Make sure all of the clipper’s components are present first. This applies to any extra parts that could be in your box, such as the blade guard and cutting blades. Get a replacement from the manufacturer if any of them are missing.

Next, affix the clipper’s cutting blades in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. To prevent them from coming loose while being used, be sure to tighten any screws or bolts tightly.

You may now fasten the blade guard to prevent unintentional cuts when operating the clipper. Before using it, make sure it is tightly fastened.

Check that your clipper is operational and ready for use by plugging it in and turning it on. If everything appears to be in order, you’re good to go

Starting to Cut Hair at the Neckline

It’s crucial to take your time and be accurate when beginning to trim the hair at the neckline. The hair should first be combed away from the neck in a downward motion, after which you should outline the desired cutting line with a comb. Holding the comb at an angle will ensure that the line you draw will follow the neck’s natural contours. Additionally, you may use bobby pins or clips to hold individual hair portions in place as you cut them.

Once you’ve indicated where you want your hair trimmed, you may begin cutting. Cut along the specified line starting at one side of the neckline using scissors or clippers. Make sure every cut is straight and follows the line you marked. Make careful to cut with moderate, steady motions rather than rapid ones if you’re using scissors.

Repeat the same actions on the other side of the neckline once you have completed cutting the first side. When both sides are finished, look over them for any lines or cuts that might need to be touched up. You may proceed to style or finish with the product as needed after everything appears even.

Chopping Off the Sides of the Head with Clippers

The sides of the head should always be clipped while styling hair. Any hairdo can benefit from its tidy, polished appearance. There are a few simple actions that must be taken in order to clip the sides of the head in order to get the desired results. The most crucial step is picking the appropriate clippers for the length and kind of your hair. Choose a clipper that will work best for your hair because they are intended for different hair kinds and lengths.

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You must first prepare the region before selecting a set of clippers that are appropriate for your hair. A towel should be spread out on the floor or counter to catch any hairs or clippings that may fall during cutting, so make sure all of your instruments are prepared. Make sure your hair is smooth and simple to cut through by untangling any knots.

Next, start cutting towards the crown area at the back of your head. Make careful to maintain an equal space between each segment as you move lower toward your neckline. After finishing this region, proceed to the opposite side of your head and carry out the same procedure there until both sides are done.
Avoid getting too near or too deep while cutting the area around your ears to prevent discomfort or even wounds. Make sure everything is even with a comb before using clips to create an even line around both ears on either side.
To get a smooth and tidy finish, lastly, conclude by using scissors to cut any stray hairs or uneven regions. You may also mix any parts that may not have been trimmed evenly using a comb or brush.
You can always get neat, professional-looking results when using clippers to trim the sides of the head.

Blending Hair with Clippers

A sleek and contemporary appearance may be achieved by blending hair with clippers. It can assist you in striking the ideal balance between short and long hair portions, making styling easier. Hair blending with clippers is an easy procedure that takes little time or effort but produces excellent results.

Choosing the required length is the first step in mixing hair with clippers. The length of your hair and the sort of hairstyle you want to achieve will determine this. Once you have determined the length you want, you may begin mixing.

Start by running the clippers’ longest guard size from your hairline to the nape of your neck. In addition to ensuring that all portions are blended equally, doing so will help you determine how much shorter or longer each piece has to be chopped. Once you’ve finished, begin mixing each part individually with reduced guard sizes until you get the desired result.

Less is more when merging hair with clippers, it’s crucial to keep in mind. Your haircut may appear unnatural if you use too many different guard sizes or trim too much hair from each part. Take your time, and just make minor revisions if required.

Using clippers to blend hair may be a terrific technique to get a chic and contemporary style. You may make a one-of-a-kind hairdo that precisely matches your own style with only a few simple steps and some perseverance!


Cutting hair with clippers is a very simple activity that doesn’t call for a lot of expertise or industry experience. Many people make the error of taking on more than they can manage, but with enough patience and experience, professional-looking results are still achievable. Make careful you select the appropriate clipper size and guard for the desired haircut before you start. It’s also crucial to take your time as you move around the head and to avoid cutting too much hair at once.

After you’ve completed cutting, use scissors to tidy up stray hairs and make any required touch-ups. Anyone can learn how to cut hair with clippers like an expert by following these easy instructions!

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