Irish Spring Discontinued Products (A List)

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There are a lot of Irish Spring products that have been discontinued over the years.

Some of these are popular and some are just tagging along.

What surprises me are some of the products that are indeed popular, as you will soon see.

But just as I’ve always postulated, brands will stop producing a product for any reason.

One of the common ones is a reduction in the demand for such products.

Let’s look at some of the discontinued Irish Spring products and what may possibly have prompted the discontinuation:

Irish Spring Discontinued Products (A List)

Has Irish Spring Deodorant Been Discontinued?

Irish Spring Deodorant

Yeah, a bummer that is. The entire Irish Spring Deodorant line has now been discontinued.

Only to be replaced with Irish Spring scented Speed Stick! Weh, I’ve not tried that and I don’t know if it’s any good.

There is quite a lot of protest about the stoppage of the deodorant.

Not to say that some people are complaining about the speed stick antiperspirant.

The major one is the white residue and stain it leaves behind, especially on white clothes. Yes, that leaves a lot of bad taste in one’s mouth.

Why the discontinuation though? The brand says demand has changed and no longer favorable.

Irish Spring Icy Blast Body Wash

There isn’t much to say about this one other than the fact that Irish Spring has stopped its production.

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When asked about the product, here is what the brand has to say:

Hi Rodrigo, unfortunately due to reduction in demand the icy blast body wash has been discontinued but we still produce the icy blast bar soap. If you are looking for a body wash with the cooling sensation of icy blast then we recommend our intensify body wash. Good luck!


Irish spring Icy Blast Bar Soap

The Icy Blast Bar Soap is still very much available. It is only the body wash that was discontinued by the brand.

Here is Irish Spring confirming this:

We are still manufacturing Irish Spring Icy Blast Bar Soap. Perhaps our “where to buy” option on our website will be helpful for you to find a store near you who sells this product. You can access this option here:

So, perhaps you can still go for the bar soap if that’s your thing.

Is Irish Spring Signature Discontinued?

Unfortunately, yes. Irish Spring has discontinued the Irish Spring Signature Bar Soap. What does this mean for you?

You’ll need to look for alternatives.

However, if you’ll have to hunt for it, you can check places like eBay. While researching, I found several listings there you can check out.

I also checked Amazon for it and found that it was indeed loved. There were a lot of reviews with most of them being positive.

So, I can only imagine why the brand would discontinue a such product.

Is Irish Spring Deep Action Scrub Discontinued?

The Irish Spring Deep Action Scrub isn’t actually discontinued. However, the name has changed and the brand has rebranded the scrub.

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The new name is now Active Scrub, according to the brand. According to the brand, here is what you can expect from the new body wash:

  • It’s now a new formula that matches the new name.
  • It’s main function is to help exfoliate your skin (scaling off old, dead skin cells) while leaving your skin fresh and moisturized throughout the day.
  • It features biodegradable ingredients, so it’s not just good for you but also the environment.
  • It’s free from the usual suspects like phthalates and paraben.
  • It doesn’t just lather but is also able to wash off bateria.
  • You can use it as a face or body wash.
  • You can also choose from 18 or 20 oz bottle.

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