Is Aftershave Supposed to Burn or Have I Done Something Wrong?

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There’s nothing quite like that post-shave burn. It means the deed is done, you’re nice and clean-cut, and ready to face the world. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself: is aftershave supposed to burn? Or have I just been doing it wrong all this time?

Believe it or not, that post-shave burn is actually supposed to happen. In fact, if you don’t feel a little bit of heat after shaving, you might not be applying your aftershave correctly.

Additionally, that post-shave burn is actually something you’re supposed to feel. It’s called the “post-shave glow,” and it means your skin is happy and healthy. Aftershave helps close up pores after shaving, which can help reduce the risk of infection. Its antibacterial properties can also help to reduce the risk of acne breakouts. Additionally, this will help prevent razor burn from happening in the first place!

The aftershave is designed to soothe and heal your skin, and the burn is just a side effect of that. If you’re finding the burn to be too much for you, however, or if it’s causing any irritation or redness, then it might be time to switch to a gentler aftershave formula. But for the most part, a little bit of post-shave burn is nothing to worry about. So go ahead and enjoy that clean, smooth feeling – with a little bit of heat thrown in for good measure! It’s a sign that your skin is healing properly.

Other ingredients, such as menthol, and eucalyptus also contribute to the burning sensation. If you’re looking to avoid the burn, try an aftershave without these ingredients. You may sacrifice a little bit of the cooling or refreshing feeling, but your skin will thank you for it.


Just remember: the burn is normal, and in most cases, it’s actually a good thing. So don’t be afraid to let the burn happen – just make sure you’re using an aftershave that’s right for you.

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