Is Coco Sneakers Legit?

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Recently, if you’re surfing for branded and durable shoes or sneakers, you must have come across Coco sneakers.

It’s an online retail store that has gone mainstream in recent months.

Customers can also access co-branded sneakers of the same quality and style on this website.

Most people, especially from the United States, have patronized the brand for their shoes and sneakers.

However, the brand has come under major scrutiny from customers, and most have classified it as a scam or dubious website.

Right now, if you check the internet for reviews about the site, you’ll find that it has a low trust score, indicating a strong likelihood of scams.

Is Coco Sneaker a Scam? Is it Legit?

Is Coco Sneakers Legit?

This article will review the brand and bring relevant facts about the site to clarify its legitimacy.

About Coco Sneakers

Coco sneaker is an online shopping store that buys and sells shoes of different brands worldwide.

Founded in 2011, Coco sneaker is an international B2C online sneakers store from China. Coco Shoes is a brand new website for Coco sneakers.

The store focuses mainly on western countries and other well-developed markets.

It has different online payment options such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Mastercard, Paypal, and Discover.

Some shoe brands available in the store include the Air Jordan series, Nike Air Vapormax, Alexander McQueen, and Balenciaga Track.

Coco Sneakers: Pros And Cons


  • Wide varieties of shoes available for purchase
  • User-friendly and different payment options
  • Well-maintained and functioning site
  • Good return policy
  • Global standard and express delivery


  • Bad media reputation
  • Unreliable return policy. The deadline is not specified on the website
  • Low website traffic, as indicated by Alexa’s site ranking
  • The domain was recently purchased, and the website is unqualified for public IP address
  • Poor social media presence
  • No physical address is available

Is Coco Sneakers Reliable?

Even though the online reviews are a mix of positives and negatives, the website has a low trust score.

Hence, we can not recommend it to prospective customers. Below are some factors that might also prove that the website is dubious:

  1. The company does not provide contact information and addresses on the website—no contact addresses for worldwide customers. Any reliable company will provide such information.
  2. The website usually provides unrealistic discounts and sales offers for branded shoes.
  3. Product details or descriptions are missing
  4. The website has no product review yet, even though there is a customer review option on it
  5. A recent complaint from customers about the rigorous shipping and returns policy of the store
  6. Poor customer support and social media presence

From our review, we can deduce that Coco sneakers could be scams or fake because there are no legit points.

The website details, theme, and other information match content from other problematic websites such as, HiCoCo, ocoShoesShop, 91Sheep, Carl kicks, and Mukstore.

These type of sites often change their website name and content frequently.

The company also has no social media presence, as the website indicates. Also, the cons of buying from the store outweigh the pros.

There are only a few positive reviews and favorable points to suggest that the website is legit.

Should You Buy From Coco Sneakers?

From our reviews, there are suspicions that the website could be dubious.

There are also many online negative reviews to support this claim.

The only benefit of doubts the website has is that it’s still newly created, about a year ago.

So, maybe the brand is still working on correcting major shortcomings.

Some people claim to have successfully bought from the store with utmost satisfaction.

However, we believe the disadvantages of patronizing the brand outweigh the advantages.

So, we are not convinced about the website’s legitimacy and will not recommend buying from this store.

To buy from this store or not is now your call. Be very careful before using this website.

Ensure you do your due diligence and be confident of its legitimacy before considering patronizing them.

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