Is Deodorant Flammable? Find Out Now

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Deodorant is a necessity and has been saving lives for years now.

In this generation where proximity is inevitable, we can rest assured deodorant gets us covered without fear of assaulting one another with an unpleasant smell.

Deodorants come in different types and sizes. So, the constituents of each kind differ accordingly.

There have been arguments that some of these constituents can cause fire, thus making deodorants flammable.

Some curious people have even tried spraying their deodorant to light up a fire.

  • Is deodorant flammable?
  • Can it start a fire?
  • Is there any reason to be concerned about deodorant fire safety?

Let’s discuss deodorant properties and establish if it’s flammable or not.

Is Deodorant Flammable?

Quick answer? Yes, Deodorant is flammable.

If you expose it to flames, heat, or sparks, it can catch fire.

However, you can’t put it in the same category as kerosene or gas. It’s not as explosive, nor does it burn quickly as them.

Finally, you can’t light a matchstick with deodorant.

However, if you spray a sufficient amount of deodorant under strong heat, it might catch fire like other flammable substances.


To be specific, even though deodorant is flammable, not all types.

There are different types of deodorant, and while some are explosive, others do not pose any fire hazard.

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So how do you know which deodorant is flammable or not? Read along as we demystify that in the next section.

Which Types of Deodorant are Flammable?

Deodorants come in various forms. Forms of deodorants include stick, roll-on, spray, and solid deodorant.

These deodorants have different constituents and compositions. Hence, some are flammable while others are not.

Let’s quickly establish the fire hazard status of these deodorants.

Stick Deodorants

Stick deodorant is flammable but not highly. It’s not in the same category as kerosene and gasoline.

You can’t light it with a match or on fire and expect it to go up in flames.

The constituents have lesser chances of igniting.

It contains alcohol or water. Both products have a low flash point or temperature of ignition.

Roll-On Deodorants

There is no fixed formula for stick deodorants. So, it might be tricky to classify them as explosive or not.

You’ll need to examine the actual deodorant brand and its ingredients to determine if it’s flammable.

In most cases, you might see a logo in the body that suggests it’s “not-flammable” or otherwise.

Spray Deodorants

A standard aerosol spray deodorant is flammable. Spray deodorant can cause an explosion.

They are so because they contain alcohol which evaporates quickly.

When you spray over a flame, the flame produced can puncture the deodorant stick and drag inside the can, causing it to explode.

Solid Deodorants

There is also no standard formula for solid deodorant. So we can’t classify it as flammable or not.

But in most cases, they are not. We recommend you treat a solid deodorant as volatile, except you can prove otherwise.

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Your best bet is to check the logo on the deodorant can.

If it doesn’t specifically say “Not flammable,” then you should treat it as a flammable object.

Why Are Deodorants Flammable?

Alcohol is the main ingredient that influences fire in deodorant.

Deodorants have a specific composition of alcohol mixture, making them flammable.

Other ingredients such as Propane, Butane, Isobutane, and other chemical elements are also major triggers.

Deodorants have these compounds in compressed form, making them likely to enhance the fire.

These substances are the primary propellant in the aerosol. Any substance that can be sprayed under pressure is categorized as an aerosol.

Not all types of deodorants are flammable.

However, standard aerosol-based deodorants are flammable and can catch fire.

The fuels used in the aerosol are hydrocarbons such as propane, butane, and Isobutane.

They are petrol derivatives, and they produce carbon compounds such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, water, and large quantities of heat when they burn.

How Do You Know if a Deodorant Is Flammable?

Any deodorant that contains aerosol-based substances is flammable.

Alcohol, propane, isobutane, and butane are the primary fuel used in the aerosol and can influence fire.

If your deodorant stick contains these elements, you should consider it a flammable object.

Don’t spray it over any flame. It could be dangerous and lead to serious injury.

Other chemicals can be used instead of these propellants, but they are not common, e.g., nitrous oxide.

If you’re unsure whether your deodorant is flammable or not, you can do a little test.

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Spray a small amount of it on a piece of cloth, and light the fabric with matches. If it burns immediately, then your deodorant is flammable.

However, The best approach will be to check the body of the deodorant.

If you can’t find the “non-flammable” logo on it, then it’s safe to assume it is flammable.

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