Is Dr. Squatch Sold in Stores? M Answers!

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Yes, Dr. Squatch is sold in stores. However, these stores are selected and not many. Here is what the brand has to say about where you can buy their products:


The best place to buy and choose from the widest variety of Squatch products is on our website!

There, you can get everything you need—whether you’re ready to change your shower game with a few briccs of all-natural soap or some scalp-stimulating hair care products, to many other Squatch products to handle your personal care needs. The Doc has got you covered!


While we offer some products in stores at a small selection of third-party retailers, we do offer a wide variety of products in various Walmarts across the country!

Click our Walmart store locator to see how close the Doc is to you!

As you can see, they specifically choose Walmart over other stores.

Does that mean you can’t get Dr. Squatch products on Amazon and Target, for example? That’s what I’d think.

Even though you can typically get some Dr. Squatch products on Target or Amazon, the stock is extremely limited.

Your best option, as mentioned by the brand, is to shop directly from the website. Or if a Walmart store is close to you, then you can check out from there.

But what are the advantages of buying Dr. Squatch soaps from the store? Are there any benefits to ordering online too?

Follow along as I uncover the advantages of buying in the stores as against ordering online.

Availability in Physical Stores

Limited Availability

As of now, Dr. Squatch products are primarily available for purchase through the brand’s official website and select online retailers. The brand’s focus on quality and direct customer interaction has led to a limited presence in physical retail stores.

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Specialty Retailers

In some cases, Dr. Squatch may collaborate with specialty retailers or boutiques that align with the brand’s values and product offerings. These partnerships can provide customers with an opportunity to experience Dr. Squatch products in-store.

Alternative Shopping Options

Official Website

The official Dr. Squatch website is the primary source for purchasing the brand’s products. The website offers a wide range of products, including soaps, hair care, and grooming essentials.

Online Retailers

Several online retailers and marketplaces offer Dr. Squatch products. These platforms may provide customers with the convenience of online shopping while offering a selection of the brand’s offerings.

Subscription Services

Dr. Squatch also offers subscription services that allow customers to receive products on a regular basis. Subscriptions can provide a hassle-free way to keep your grooming routine stocked with your favorite products.

Check Local Listings

For those interested in exploring the possibility of finding Dr. Squatch products in physical stores, checking local business listings or contacting specialty retailers in your area might yield information about potential partnerships.

Why Buy Dr. Squatch Soaps in Stores?

There are quite a few reasons you might want to give your local store (in this case, Walmart) a try.

First of all, there is no shipping hassle. I’ve written about people having shipping issues with Dr. Squatch. Most times, it’s not a pretty experience.

For some reason, your product may get stuck on the way to you. And you can’t do anything about it, even if your old soap is already exhausted.

Therefore, buying in-store helps eliminate this.

The second advantage of buying in stores is that it’ll likely be cheaper.

Most online stores will add shipping costs, among others, costing you far above what you intend to pay.

However, if you have a store close to you, you can just walk in and pay the retail price.

No extra charges and no hidden fees, or shipping costs.

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The only time you can save online, and probably pay cheaper than going to the store, is if you use some discount code.

Not All Dr. Squatch Products Are Available in Stores

All of Dr. Squatch’s deodorants, for instance, are available only online.

It’s mostly the bar soaps that can be picked up in Walmart or other stores that carry them.

So, if you’re looking to buy other than the soaps, you may have no other option than to buy online.

Advantages of Buying Dr. Squatch Soaps Online

Just as there are advantages to buying in your local stores, ordering online also has its benefits.

The first advantage is that the product is fresher and likely far away from the expiry date.

Some soaps, including Dr. Squatch’s, take some time to sell in stores especially if they are placed in areas that are not easily accessible.

And the longer it stays on the shelves, the closer the expiry date becomes.

Another advantage to buying online is that discount codes are rampant. These codes can help you save a ton.

Unfortunately, you have to know where to hunt for them and how to properly use them. Again, you can get free shipping, depending on the time you’re buying, which will further reduce your cost.

A bigger benefit of buying online, as mentioned in that quote above, is that you can get everything you want from the Dr. Squatch website.

You can order body wash, soap, deodorant, body spray, and lots more. They’ll always be available.

However, in the store, it’s a 50/50 chance. It’ll either be available or not.

The annoying part is that you can parade there and not be able to pick up the product you want because it’s not yet stocked.

That doesn’t happen much online.

The convenience of ordering online is better.

I’ve not seen anything as easy as sitting in your bedroom and ordering a product and getting it at your doorstep in a few hours. It’s just your time and wallet.

FAQs About Dr. Squatch Availability

Can I find Dr. Squatch products at major retail chains?

As of now, Dr. Squatch products are not commonly found in major retail chains. However, the brand’s availability may expand in the future.

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Are there any plans for Dr. Squatch to expand into physical stores?

While there may be future plans for expansion, Dr. Squatch’s focus on quality and direct customer interaction is likely to shape its approach to physical retail.

How can I find specialty retailers that carry Dr. Squatch products?

Checking the official Dr. Squatch website and reaching out to the brand’s customer support might provide information about specialty retailers in your area.

Can I trust third-party sellers for Dr. Squatch products?

It’s recommended to purchase Dr. Squatch products directly from the brand’s official website or authorized online retailers to ensure product authenticity.

Is purchasing online secure and reliable?

Purchasing from the official Dr. Squatch website and reputable online retailers is generally secure and reliable, as long as you take precautions to protect your personal information.

Does Walmart Sell Dr. Squatch Soap?

Yes, Walmart sells Dr. Squatch Soaps. This has been rolled out since late 2021.

You can pick up your favorite soaps like the Fresh Falls, Pine Tar, and Cedar Citrus in the natural section.

Moreover, it appears you can pick up all of the other Dr. Squatch products, but you will have to check.

Does Kroger Sell Dr. Squatch Soap?

At the time of writing this article, Kroger seems to have Dr. Squatch soaps.

However, I can’t currently confirm whether it is only online or you can pick it up in person at a physical store. Try it.

Does Target Sell Dr. Squatch Soap?

Currently, Target does not currently sell Dr. Squatch.

As I mentioned before above, only Walmart has a partnership with the brand to sell its soaps.

Although you can certainly find organic bar soaps in Target, you’re not likely to find that of Dr. Squatch there.

So, if you don’t have access to Walmart, you may have to go buy online.

Does Walgreens Sell Dr. Squatch Soap?

Just like Target, Walgreens also does not currently sell Dr. Squatch.

As I mentioned before above, only Walmart and Kroger seem to be the only retail stores selling the brand’s soaps.

Although you can certainly find organic bar soaps in Walgreens, you’re not likely to find that of Dr. Squatch there.

So, if you don’t have access to Walmart, you may have to go buy online.

Does CVS Sell Dr. Squatch Soap?

Unfortunately, CVS does not currently carry Dr. Squatch soaps.

So, if you only have access to CVS, you are out of luck. Either buy from Kroger, Walmart, or directly from the website.


While Dr. Squatch soaps are available in stores, they are restricted to only Walmart. At least officially.

Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase from stores, and not online, Walmart is your only option for now.

Unless there is some reason you don’t want to buy online, I’ll recommend looking at the official Dr. Squatch website itself.

It has all the products and you can order anytime you want.

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