Is Equate Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2022?

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Equate is a famous health and beauty care brand that produce a wide range of products including soap, lotions, conditioner, and OTC medicines among others.

It also produces various kinds of vitamins and supplements like weight-loss shakes.

Many people are curious about the animal cruelty status of the brand, especially concerning the cosmetics production process.

Is Equate cruelty-free? What’s the company’s status on animal testing?

Let’s address these questions:

Is Equate Cruelty-Free?

Equate is not cruelty-free.

This indicates that the brand engages in animal testing, their suppliers do or they finance animal testing of products and ingredients.

Equate is not an animal-friendly brand in case you’re an animal lover or enthusiast and you’re looking for one.

Furthermore, Equate is not owned by a cruelty-free parent organization.

Equate is owned by Walmart, a private label brand that acquired Equate and other brands to provide the general populace with the required pharmaceutical and health products at a reduced price.

Walmart is not cruelty-free and many of the private brands owned by Walmart are not cruelty-free too.

Some years back, Walmart was petitioned about its animal testing practices.

Is Equate Certified By Cruelty-Free Organization?

No, Equate is not certified by any cruelty-free organization.

It is not certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny, two of the top cruelty-free organization.

These organizations have proven to conduct research and only certified brands that are truly cruelty-free while they expose the ones that engaged in animal cruelty in different industries.

This means that Equate conducts animal testing pre or post-production stage, the company uses animal ingredients during the manufacturing process or their suppliers conduct animal testing.

Is Equate Vegan?

Equate is not a vegan brand even though it produces some vegan products.

Moreover, since the company is not cruelty-free, its vegan status is nullified too, and can’t be considered a vegan brand.


Equate is not a cruelty-free or vegan brand.

It is almost owned by Walmart and operates under similar animal testing policies as the parent company.

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