Is Old Spice Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2022?

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Old spice brand is popular among consumers and other competitors for producing top-quality men’s grooming products.

Perhaps you’re considering opting for their products but as an animal lover and enthusiast, you wanted to be sure the brand is cruelty-free.

In this guide, we’ll discuss Old Spice’s animal testing policies and cruelty status.

Is Old Spice Cruelty-Free?

No, Old Spice is not a cruelty-free brand.

The brand claim over 99% of its safety tests are completed without doing any animal testing.

However, they do animal testing where there are no other alternatives or where animal testing is required by law.

In either case, since a small fraction of their products undergo animal testing either by themselves, their suppliers, or through a third party, they are not a cruelty-free brand.

Furthermore, Old Spice is not certified cruelty free by any organizations.

Some organizations certified true cruelty-free brands and Old Spice is not certified by any which further indicates that Old Spice is not cruelty-free.

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Does Old Spice Parent Organization Tests On Animals?

Procter & Gamble is the parent company of Old Spice.

Procter & Gamble does animal testing,g which means Old Spice and its parent organization are not cruelty-free.

In further notes, Procter and Gamble are dedicated to seeking alternatives to animal testing.

The company has invested a substantial amount of money to develop alternatives to animal testing and the animal testing they do is now restricted to only Mainland China markets where animal testing is required by law.

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However, Since P&G can’t remove their products from countries like Mainland China, this shows they are not concerned about animal welfare.

Is Old Spice Vegan?

Old Spice offers some vegan products but some ingredients in their products are derived from animals.

So, Old Spice is not a Vegan brand.

Furthermore, because they are not cruelty-free, we can not consider them Vegan too.

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