Is Schick Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2022?

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A cruelty-free brand means that this brand doesn’t test its products on animals.

So, is Schick cruelty-free? Sadly, no. Schick isn’t cruelty-free.

Schick isn’t a cruelty-free brand because they, or their parent company Edgewell, test their products on animals.

Living a Cruelty-Free Life

Sadly, many companies in the world today test their products on animals.

However, some companies in the world today don’t test their products on animals.

Companies that don’t test their products on animals are called cruelty free and can be considered suitable for vegans to buy and use.

Living a vegan lifestyle means that you don’t engage in any activity that requires an animal to get hurt.

One area of life that many people engage with every day includes shaving.

One of the biggest companies in the world today regarding shaving is the Schick company.

Unfortunately, this company may not be a suitable brand to invest in as they are not cruelty-free.

Is Schick Vegan?

A vegan brand offers products that don’t contain animal substances. So, is Schick vegan? Sadly, no. Schick isn’t vegan.

Schick isn’t a vegan brand because some or all of its products contain substances that were derived from animal sources.

About Schick

Schick is a well-known brand that makes and sells razors and other shaving products all over the world.

The brand was founded in 1926 by a man called Jacob Schick in the United States of America. Schick is owned by the larger company Edgewell Personal Care.

Schick’s slogan is “Free your skin”.

Does Schick Test On Animals Or Sell Products In China?

Although they have not directly stated that they test their products on animals, Schick’s parent company, Edgewell, does test on animals.

This means that it’s likely that Schick also tests on animals.

Schick is a well-known brand for shaving all over the world. This includes China which means that Schick sells products in China.

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