Is Shaving Cream Edible? It Isn’t and Here Is Why!

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Can you eat shaving cream? It seems like a simple question, the answer to which should be “yes” or “no.”

But the honest answer is, “it’s complicated.” That’s because there are actually two questions here: 1) Is shaving cream food? And 2) Can you eat regular shaving cream?

Well, let your curiosity run wild and keep reading.

“Is Shaving Cream Edible?” the Answer Isn’t So Cut and Dry

While we can’t say with 100% certainty, since ingredients vary by brand, the answer is most likely no. Many shaving creams contain artificial colors and other ingredients that aren’t meant to be consumed.

So while they may taste good, they’re not technically “food.” Many of them also contain high amounts of sodium which is bad for your body in high doses.

If you’ve ever used shaving cream, you know that the stuff is thick and foamy.

The reason for this is that the manufacturers of shaving cream have added ingredients like propylene glycol and triethanolamine to their products to make them thicker, so they can be spread on your face more easily.

This increases their profit margins because they don’t need to use as much of the actual shaving cream in each container.

These chemicals are often found in other household cleaning products, such as laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, and fabric softener. They are also found in cosmetics, including lipstick and mascara.

The thing about shaving cream is that it’s made from various chemicals and compounds that can cause an upset stomach and other problems.

The ingredients in most shaving creams are not known to be toxic or harmful, though they may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Shaving Cream Brands Matter

Some brands are made for men who have sensitive skin or may have problems with their skin reacting to common shaving creams containing animal products.

These can be found at any drug store, grocery store, or online. Some brands that offer this type of shaving cream include Cremo and Nivea.

While it’s not good to eat a whole lot of anything (except maybe ice cream), you should be fine if you accidentally ingest a small amount of shaving cream while grooming yourself in the morning or during your daily shave.

It also should be noted that some shaving cream brands do not contain these chemicals. These brands tend to be more expensive than those that do have them.

Children and Shaving Cream

The question may also have been out of concern for children. If you’re wondering if it’s safe for children to ingest, then the answer is a BIG NO.

Children should not be allowed close to shaving cream, even if they’re nearing their teens. Even tasting shaving soap can be fatal, so it’s better to keep it away from them.

A little amount once ingested can cause unusual bowel activity and a large quantity can be detrimental to their health.

If they can already eat, one tip is to have a “Do Not Eat” sign/warning on your shaving soap. That’ll deter them a bit. Or explain to them that shaving cream is just like bath soap. It’s lethal for the stomach.

Yeah, some people will come to you that soap isn’t that bad. Their parents bathed them with it and they had some.

Yes, that’s true. But you want to be better safe than sorry, right? Who knows your child is going to have a bad reaction to it? And you’ll be the one to be blamed for it.

Moreover, shaving cream is not obviously meant to be eaten. 

Therefore, I say shaving cream is best served on the skin where you want hair gone.

Shaving Cream Ingredients

Some shaving creams are made with harmless chemicals that wouldn’t really hurt. But others contain chemicals, like the Proraso Shaving Cream, that can make you really, really sick as an adult.

Just think about what it would do to young children, especially if they gulp large quantities.

Again, almost anything, whether man-made or natural, can affect you if used improperly even if they are harmless when applied properly.

Now, the definition of edible can be expanded a bit. You already know that shaving soap or cream can’t be consumed like food. What about it is safe to ingest?

Well, some of them maybe and some many not as I said before.

And it’s an amazingly stupid thing to try (for adults) and an act of carelessness if taken unintentionally (for children).

If My Baby Eat Shaving Cream?

It happens. If your baby gulps some, you need to take the can away, wipe their mouth clean and give them a good doze of palm oil.

Yes, it works. I was drowned by a friend when I was little in a very, very dirt and contagious river. What helped me survive is the above.

After that, call an ambulance and take your child in for any necessary procedure.

What to Do If You Still Want to Eat Shaving Cream?

(This is a joke).

I may probably be wrong that you’re wondering if it’s safe for babies. Maybe you’re just curious. If it smells so nice, it must taste that good, right?

Make yourself a homemade shaving cream. Don’t buy from manufacturers.

Your ingredients include whipping cream, rolled oats, mint leaves, egg white. I can’t be bothered to give you measurements. You need to be creative here and make something up as you want it to be as unique as possible.


If you’ve been wondering whether or not shaving cream is safe to eat, it seems the answer is “no,” with one caveat. Shaving cream is mainly water-soluble and non-toxic.

It also contains glycerin which is not poisonous but can cause gastrointestinal distress in some people. Some other ingredients, like methylparaben, may be dangerous for those with paraben allergies.

The bottom line is that shaving creams will not cause any harm in many cases.

It may cause some stomach irritation and other minor problems, but it’s safe to eat for the most part. However, there’s no way to know whether or not a given brand contains harmful chemicals.

Moreover, you’ve got to keep in mind that these products are designed for shaving, not gorging on. Proceed with caution, so you don’t do something silly like eating a whole tub of shaving cream!

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