Brickell vs Jack Black – A Battle Between Two Excellent Men’s Face Wash

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Gone are the days when skincare products are exclusive to women.

Nowadays, there is plenty of skincare for men, and Brickell Face Wash and Jack Black Face Wash are the two of the most popular choices.

Both Jack Black and Brickell are popular for their natural, organic skincare products for men.

So, if you’re on the look for natural skin products to incorporate into your routine, both are solid. In fact, both are cruelty-free, making them suitable for anyone looking for cruelty-free brands.

But since you can’t buy both at the same time, you need to choose one out of the two.

In this article, you’ll discover which of the two is better for you.

Jack Black Vs. Brickell Face Washes (And a Face-off)

Brickell Face Wash

There are plenty of reasons why Brickell is a popular face wash.

For example, it’s a product that works great for people who are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin.

The all-natural ingredients also mean that they can clean out your pores without drying your skin as it does not have harsh chemicals common in other products.

Aside from the natural ingredients, Brickell Face Wash is packed with moisturizing extracts and refreshing vitamins.

This is to rejuvenate your skin while effectively cleaning out harmful microorganisms and dirt.

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With the help of aloe vera, jojoba oil, and olive oil, Brickell Face Wash can help your skin exuberate a soft glow.

Jack Black Face Wash

Jack Black Face Wash is also a solid men’s skincare product.

It’s worth noting that Jack Black Face Wash is a price a bit higher than Brickell, but it does come with a few more important ingredients and one additional feature that this article will discuss further below.

Jack Black Face Wash also comes with natural ingredients and works great for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

That one feature that is not found in Brickell Face Wash is that Jack Black Face Wash also works as a toner.

In other words, Jack Black Face Wash will clean your pores, and it’s also a healing toner that will help combat dryness, redness, oiliness, and other common skin-related issues.


When you look at the manufacturer’s website of both cleansers, you can see what sizes are available.

JB Pure Clean Cleanser is available in 3 oz, 6 oz, and 16 oz tubes while the Brickell Charcoal Face Wash is only available in 8 oz and 3.4 oz bottles.

In terms of packaging, Jack Black comes in a tube, which is easily stored or used around the bathroom.

Brickell is also good to use but may not be as convenient as Jack Black.

When ordering the Brickell Face Wash, you have the option of choosing whether you want it scented or unscented.

This is the first brand I see offering this, which is a step forward. Jack Black doesn’t offer this, from what I can see.

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So, Brickell gives you more options since you can choose unscented if you’re sensitive to fragrance.

Another pro for the Brickell Face Wash is that it has a Climate Pledge Friendly badge, which shows that the brand has a commitment to preserving the environment.

Fortunately, the Jack Black Face Wash is equally formulated with PureScienceĀ® formulas, which means they don’t contain synthetic fragrances, parabens, and colorants.


When going through the ingredients of both, you’ll see that none of them contains parfum, which means they’re both unscented.

Brickell goes a step further though, by offering both scented and unscented versions.

So, if there is anyone interested in a fragranced one, they’ll be able to get one.

However, if you want to avoid anything that has to do with fragrance, then go with Jack Black. Sometimes, you may select unscented and you’re sent a scented one from Brickell.


You already know that both brands contain natural ingredients such as chamomile, flower and leave extract, jojoba oil, aloe, vitamin E, etc.

However, going through Jack Black’s ingredients list, I can see benzyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, and even PEDG.

These are some ingredients that are questionable that a lot of people want to avoid. Personally, I wouldn’t want alcohol in any product going on my skin.

Fortunately, I can’t find those in Brickell, which means it’s not likely that the Face Wash will have them. That again is a good point for Brickell.

Recommended Skin Types

The Brickell Face Wash is recommended for dry, oily, normal, and combination skin, meaning that it’s effective for all skin types.

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Jack Black Cleanser, on the other hand, is recommended for sensitive skin types. As you can see, Brickell is suitable for more people than Jack Black.

That means if you plan to share your face wash with another person, Brickell is most suitable, since anyone can use it.

What Others Feel About Both

With thousands of reviews on both brands, it can sometimes be confusing to determine what benefits people get from using both.

However, it’s possible to deduct how people generally perceive both.

The Brickell Face Wash, for instance, is praised for being moisturizing, gentle on sensitive skin, and having high-quality ingredients.

Similarly, Jack Black is praised for being good for sensitive skin but also great value for the money. Pick what you can with this information.

Which One Should You Choose?

This is a difficult comparison as both products are excellent.

Both products are made from all-natural ingredients and offer effective results. Having said that, there’s a good reason to favor Jack Black Face Wash a little bit.

It’s because Jack Black Face Wash is also a toner, and that means that you are getting two products in one. Furthermore, it simplifies your skincare routine by using a single product rather than multiple ones.

However, even though Jack Black Face Wash’s price is justified, it’s still more expensive than Brickell Face Wash at the end of the day.

If you are really trying to bring the cost down and don’t mind losing on the toner feature of Jack Black Face Wash, then Brickell Face Wash may be a better option for you.

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