Lume Deodorant Doesn’t Work For Me: What Can I Do?

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Lume, pronounced Loo-Mee, is a famous beauty brand that produces deodorant for the whole body.

It’s a water-based cream deodorant that smells and feels great.

Most consumers are fascinated by the gentle ingredients used in making the products.

It’s also clinically tested to control body odor for about 72 hours.

When you inspect Lume deodorant attributes on paper, they look and sound enticing.

However, the actual experience has been a miss for some customers.

The primary assumption is that the deodorant is not efficient, but the story changes when another fraction of consumers vouch for its efficiency in controlling odor.

If you’re among the fraction of consumers that have had a terrible experience with this water-based cream deodorant, it’s worth looking at the problem, and this article is for you.

We’ll establish where the problem lies, consider factors that might cause it, and find practical solutions to combat it.

About Lume Deodorant

Lume is the world’s first whole body deodorant.

The product is intended for the entire body and not just the underarms.

It’s derived from natural ingredients and free from harmful substances such as aluminum and parabens.

It’s a safer option for people with sensitive skin since it doesn’t contain baking soda. The product is also cruelty-free.

Lume deodorant is clinically proven to control odor for more than three days.

Hence, if the product isn’t working for you, you might be doing something wrong. In fact, Lume blames you if the product is not working for you.

So why is Lume deodorant not working for you?

Why Lume Deodorant Isn’t Working For You

Firstly, it is worth reiterating that Lume is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant.

A deodorant will not prevent sweating but usually contain ingredients that stop that sweat from stinking.

Antiperspirants, on the other hand, prevent sweating by blocking the sweat gland with the help of aluminum.

So if you’re expecting your Lume deodorant to prevent you from sweating, then maybe you’re expecting too much of it.

Since we’ve established that fact, let’s discuss why Lume deodorant might not be working for you.

It’s Not the Right Choice

Lume deodorant is a natural deodorant and does not contain aluminum.

Hence, it does not prevent sweat like every other natural deodorant.

If you want a product that prevents sweating, you should consider an antiperspirant.

Lume deodorant contains powerful natural ingredients that prevent your sweat from stinking. The natural ingredients will not irritate your skin.

You’re Not Using It Correctly

The way you apply your deodorant can also affect its efficiency. If you misuse it, i.e., at the wrong body part, it can wear off quickly.

Lume deodorant works best when you apply it on damp skin immediately after a shower.

Do not apply it on a sweaty or wet body because the formula will not absorb the fragrance.

You should also target the pulse points so the heat can retain the fragrance.

Such body parts include the neck region, inner elbow, behind knees, and wrists.

Generally, you can apply Lume deodorants to all body parts. It’s hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

If you’re unsure how to use it, ensure you read the instructions on the deodorant can.

How Lume Deodorants Works and How To Use It

Lume Deodorants are developed to stop odor-causing reactions on your skin.

Beyond the armpits, You can apply it to any area of the body that’s host to odors.

It doesn’t block sweat but works with your body chemistry to protect from odor-causing bacterial reactions.

Sweat is natural, and it does not have an odor itself. The sweat smell is caused by bacteria that react and digest it.

So Lume stops this bacteria from reacting with the sweat and causing odor.

Mandelic Acid is one of the essential ingredients present in Lume deodorants.

It’s an AHA present in most skincare products, and it has an antibacterial effect.

This ingredient needs a clean slate to work effectively.

So, Lume will not stop the odor generated from not bathing for many days because the bacteria is already present.

If you apply these tips before applying Lume deodorant, it should work for you as it has done for most people.

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