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Can You Use Magic Shaving Powder On Pubic Hair?

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Magic Shaving Powder is a new depilatory product that went mainstream through Tiktok. The product is trendy on social media, and it seems to be on everybody’s lip.

Magic Shaving Powder is a hair removal powder developed to save people from shaving bumps and ingrown hair. It contains the same key ingredients as most other depilatories except that it comes in a powder form.

While it smoothly removes unwanted hair around the face and legs, there has been skepticism about its potency when it’s applied to public hair and the side effects it poses.

This article will clarify these uncertainties, but before then, let’s lay a proper foundation by giving a general overview of this product.

About The Brand

Magic Shaving Powder is originally designed for black men.

Softsheen-Carson, a company that has produced beauty care products for Africans for over a century, manufactures it.

The company makes products such as conditionals, relaxers, hair mists, hair texturizers, hair dyes, and moisturizers for natural hair.

The Shaving Powder is under the company’s Magic range section, and it’s known as a hair depilatory.

How Does Magic Shaving Powder Work?

Magic Shaving Powder is a hair depilatory product. It removes unwanted hair from the face and leg without shaving.

Like other hair depilatory products, it uses chemicals to dissolve the keratin bond that holds the hair together so hair can open and swell up.

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Consequently, hair becomes weak and can then be wiped off easily.

Magic Shaving powder contains three chemicals, namely Calcium thioglycolate, calcium hydroxide, and calcium carbonate.

When these chemicals combine with water, they break down the hair protein(keratin), which gives structure to the hair.

Afterward, any slightest contact with the hair from flannel or sharper will wipe it off quickly.

Should I Use Magic Shaving Powder?

Before using Magic Shaving Powder, we recommend you do a test to ensure you don’t develop an allergic reaction to the product.

You can follow the process below to use Magic Shaving Powder:

  • Open the Powder pot with a screwdriver or knife under the lid’s lip.
  • Mix half a teaspoon of it with the same amount of water
  • Make a paste-like solution from the mixture
  • Apply the paste-like solution to a small part (1-inch) of your hair.
  • Rinse off after some minutes and wait for 24 hours. If your body doesn’t react negatively to it, it’s suitable for use.

For subsequent use, you can follow the same process and wait for some minutes before rinsing off. Your hair will rinse away also, without any pain or discomfort.

Can I use Magic Shaving Powder On Public Hair?

While you can use the shaving power within the leg region, we do not recommend using it directly down there.

You can use it to remove unwanted hair around the private area, but be careful not to get it close to it or apply it directly to it.

This is because that area has sensitive skin, and the shaving powder could quickly burn mucosal skin.

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As we’ve established above, consider doing a test patch on the skin before using Magic Shaving Powder.

You can test it around the upper thigh region near the buttock. If it doesn’t give any reaction after 24 hours, you can continue applying it.

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